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2020年牛津译林版八年级英语下册《Unit 1 Past and present Integrated skills》学案

精品资料 《Unit 1 Past and present Integrated skills》学案 【学习目标】 【学习重难点】 一、根据句意或汉语提示完成所缺的单词。 1.We mus t do something to protect the (环境)。 2. His father t ook him to school every day when he was in 3. My car is still in good (状况). 4. My son is still living 5. The air is (在国外). (新鲜的) in the morning. 二、根据句子意思,用括号中所给的适当形式填空。 ( 小学教育的) school. 1.Another big change is the many tall (build) around the town. 2. Most of (they) have moved into new flats 3. The noise (pollute) was a real problem. 4. I enjoy (ch at) with you and my other friends after class. 5. (communicate) between old and young people is not so difficult as you think. 6. It is fast ___________(get) there by coach. 7. Some animals and plants have lost their ____________(live) areas. 8. It used _____________(be) very quiet. 9. There ____________(be) fresh air and green hills on the island in the past. 10. They got ____ ___ ______(marry) after a year’s work. 11. We ______________(go) to the cinema twice already 12. The area _______________(change) over the years. 三、单项选择 ( )1. Many people live in old houses, but now they have moved into new flats. A. used to B. use to C .are used to D. used ( ) 2. Great changes in my hometown during the past few years. A. took place B .has taken place C. take place D. have taken place ( ) 3. You can this book for two weeks, but don’t it to others. A. borrow ;keep B. keep; lend C. borrow; lend D. lend; borrow ( ) 4. He hasn’t to New York , but he’ll go A. gone; still B. been; yet C .gone ; already D .been ; already ( ) 5. –DO you know the movie Lost in Thailand? – Yes, I it twice. It’s funny. A. saw B. see C .have seen D. will see ( ) 6. Peter goes to school ________ every day. It’s 5 minutes’ walk from his home to school. A. in a bus B. by taxi C. by train D. on foot 四、完型填空 Life today is 1 than it wa s hundreds of years ago, but it has 2 some new problems. One of the biggest problems is pollution. We can see it, smell it, drink it, and 3 hear it. 4 has polluted Earth. The more people, the more because there were not 5 people. Now man is slowly polluting 6 world. Air pollution is still the most serious among (在……之中) all kinds of pollution. It is bad for all 精品资料 7 animals. It is caused by heavy traffic. It is said that the situat ions will be much better if people ride bikes 8 driving cars. When you are riding , there is no pollution. But even in developing countries, most people don’t go to work by bike. It is not beca

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