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广东省龙门县路溪学校八年级英语下册 Module 3 Unit 1 Has it arrived yet教案 .doc

Unit 1 Has it arrived yet?
一. Teaching aims 1. To understand Present perfect with already, just and yet. 2. To understand the conversation about the space mission to Mars. 3. To understand the difference between have been to and have gone to. 二. Teaching Objectives 1. Key vocabulary: earth, moon, news, planet, reach, yet, just, model, spaceship, project, no
problem, latest, on, discover, astronaut, space travel 2. Key structures: Present perfect with already, just and yet. 三.Teaching method
PWP approach 四. Teaching aids
Tape recorder, OHP, video 五. Teaching Steps Step 1 Warming up 1. Watch a video and enjoy news report . 2. Show some pictures to talk about the space travel. 3. Show the teaching points. 4. C heck the preparing lesson. Step 2 Learning. 1. Learn and read the new words in groups. Then use some pictures to play a guessing words game 2 . Ask the students to read the words in Activity 1. earth, land, message, moon, news, planet, reach, scientist 3. Play the recording,Listen and number the words as they hear them. 4. Listen again and complete th e notes in activity 2.
5. Ask the students to check their answer in group.. Step 3. Teaching. 1. Play the recording and ask the students to listen and read the conversation.

2. Act out conversation in groups. 3. Read the conversation again then underline the sentences of what we have( done(……) in space travel. 4. Language points. 5. Pronunciation and speaking
Play the recording ,ask the whole class to repeat. Ask the students to listen and und erline the words the speaker stresses.. Then listen again and repeat. Step 4. Exercises. 1. Finish Activities4-5.
Ask answer questions about what Lingling and Tony have or have not done. Complet e the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. 2. 单项选择: ( ) 1. —Where’s Ben?
—He______ to the teachers’ office. He’ll be back soon. A. go B. has gone C. has been ( ) 2. —Will you please go to see the movie Guanyinshan with me ? —No, I won’t. I ______ it already. A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see ( ) 3. She isn’t at the cinema now because she _________the library. A. has been to B. have been to C. have gone to D. has gone to ( ) 4. —Jim isn’t in the classroom. Where is he? —He _______to the teacher’s office. A. will go B. has gone C. had gone D. is going ( ) 5. —I’d like you to tell me something about Shen Nongjia. —I’m sorry, but neither Jack nor I ______ there. A. have been B. has been C. have gone D. has gone Step5. Homework. A: Copy the new words. B: 完成句子: 1. 你最近在忙什么呢?

) and have not

What have you been


2. 西蒙从小就对太空旅行感兴趣。

Simon was interested in

when he was young.

3. —放学后,你能帮助我学英语吗?


—Can you help me with my English after school?


4. 火星离我们地球很远。


from our earth.

5. 让我们在因特网上搜寻一些关于野生动物的信息吧。


some infor-mation about wild animals on the Internet.

6. 为了节省钱,我们只好步行回家。

We had to walk home

save money.

Step6. Preparing lesson:

Prepare Module3 Unit2


1.millions of

2. not…yet

3 . go around the sun.

4. None of them

5 a small part of

6. the Galaxy or the Milky Way.

7. how large

8. It’s impossible to imagine.

9. so many

10. in space

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