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鲁教版七下 Unit 2 I ’m going to study computer SectionB(3a-Self_check)教案

Unit2 SectionB(3a-Self check)
一、教学目标: 1. 语言知识目标:
1) 复习一般将来时态的构成。掌握生词 own, personal, relationship 2) 能够综合运用一般将来时态及所给的提示词来完成阅读填空的任务。 3) 能够综合运用所学的知识来学习写作自己的新年决心。 4)通过完成 Self check 的中练习题来全面复习一般将来时态的用法。 2. 情感态度价值观目标: 每个人都有自己的梦想和对未来的打算,对于将来想要从事的职业也充满了憧憬。 人们以常谈 论他们的设想,因此,应通过学习这单元的内容来激发学生们的学习主动性和学习兴趣,使他 们更加有理想,并为实现自己的理想而不断努力。 二、教学重难点 1. 教学重点: 1) 能够综合运用一般将来时态及所给的提示词来完成阅读填空的任务。 2)能够综合运用所学的知识来学习写作自己的新年决心。 2. 教学难点: 能够综合运用所学 的知识来学习写作自己的新年决心。 三、教学过程 Ⅰ. Warming- up and revision 1. Have a dictat ion of the new words and expressions. 2. Fill in the blanks of the main idea of the passage in 2b: (On the big screen) 1. A resolution is a kind of p ________. We usually make resolutions at the b_______ of the year. We hope to i_______ our lives. 2. Some resolutions are about p_______ health. Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement. Some resolutions have to do with better planning, like making a w_______ plan for s___________. 3. Review the phrases. And make a sentence with it. 1) 在……的开端_________________ 2) 写下;记录下 __________ 3) 关于;与有关系 _________________ 4) 学着做;开始 做___________________

5) 有相同之处 ________________ 6) 太……而不能 ________________ 7) 向某人许诺 _____________ 8) 提高某人的生活___________ Ⅱ. Lead-in 1. Ask Ss about their New Year’s Resolutions:
e.g. T: What’s your New Year’s Resolutions, Mary? Mary: I want to take up volleyball next term. T: Great! What about you, Jack? Jack:I’m going to make a soccer team. And we’re going to practice soccer every weekend. … 2. Present some new words on the big screen. Explain them to the Ss. Ss try to remember them.
own, personal, relationship Ⅲ. Reading 1. Tell Ss to wor k on 3b. Complete the first two paragraphs about resolutions with the words i n the box. 2. 写作指导: 首先,阅读方框中的词汇,掌握其意思,然后阅读短文,整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,根据上下文意及句子结构确定空格处应填哪一个词。 最后,将单词填在空格上,并完整的读一遍短文,看是否通顺。 3. Ss try to read the article and try to fill in the blanks. 4. Check the answers with the Ss. Ⅳ. Writing Work on 3b: 1. Read the headings below. Think about your own resolutions. 2. Write your own resolutions under the following heading.
(If you don’t have any ideas, you may go through the passage in 2b. ) 3. Ss try to think about their own resolutions and try to write them down. 4. Check the answers with your par tners.

Work on 3c: 1. Tell Ss to use the no tes in 3b and write three more paragraphs about their resolutions.
In each paragraph, write what they are going to do and why. 2. 写作指导:
? 本文为写自己决心、及做法,并说明原因。 ? 因此,时态应用一般将来时态; ? 应先根据 3b 的想法,说明自己的决心;然后,具体说一下自己打算怎样去实现这个
理由;最后,再简单地说一些做此事的原因。 ? 应注意一般将来时态的结构(be going to),不要丢掉 be 动词 am。这是同学们最易
出现的错误。 3. 学生们根据写作提示,及上面表格中的提示来写作这篇文章。 4. Let some Ss read their passage to the class. Ⅴ. Discussing 1. Discuss the environment in your city. Are the street and the park clean? Is the air clean? Is it quiet or noisy? 2. Tell Ss: It’s everyone’s duty to keep our city clean and tidy. Can you think of a plan to make it clean er and gre ener? 3. Give Ss some examples:
? We’re going to make the subway better. Then people don’t have to drive to work. ? We’re going to plant more trees and flowers in the park and street. ?… 4. Ss try to write about their own plans on a piece of paper. 5. Let some Ss read out t heir plans. See who has a best one. Ⅵ. Self check Work on Self check 1: 1. Match the jobs with the school subjects. 2. Check the answers. Then let some Ss make some sentences with them. e.g. I want to be a computer programmer. I’m going t o study computer science. 3. 指导: 复习运用句型结构:I want to be…, I’m going to … 4. 学 生自主写句子,然后相互检查答案。 Work on Self check 2

1. Tell Ss to read the conversation and fill in the blanks with the right words. 2. Ss work by themselves. 3. Check the answers and explain some main points. e.g. 第三行:How; going; 分析句子结构,主、谓、宾语都有,可知应缺少状语成分;句意:你打 算如何做? 3. 学生们分角色表演这个对话。 Work on Self check 3 1. Tell Ss to make their own plans using the phrases below. 2. Ss work with their partners. Write down their own plans. 3. Let some Ss read their plans. Correct any mistakes. Homework 1. Review Section B. 2. Interview five of your friends. Ask them what they’re going to do next weekend. The n write a report.
Section B2 3a-Self check 3a: are; help; make; take; is; learn; listen 3c: one possible version:
The second resolution is about improving my physical health. I’m going to get more exercise and eat more vegetables. (Because my parents say I’m kind of thin.) The third resolution is about improving my relationships with my family and friends. I’m going to help mom cook meal and do the dishes. I’m going to play games with my friends. (Because we can understand each other well through games. ) Self check 2: want; to be; How, going; going; Where; going; going; to be; going

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