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My thoughts about earning money online

Nowadays more and more companies choose to advertise themselves online. One of the advertising ways is to set up activities with prizes. As long as you participate in the activities, you have chances of getting a prize. This is one phenomenon. On the Internet, there comes up another phenomenon. Some people, usually the youngsters, don’t concentrate completely on their work. They hope to make some extra money other than their salary. Under the drive of this mind, they search the Internet for ways of making money. On the loaded pages they see some news which boasts as long as they finish some easy tasks, they can make lots of money. They try some and find they do get several yuan. The so-called easy tasks include downloading apps, answering questionnaires, registration, playing games and inviting friends, etc. It can consume up to a year to finish a task in order to withdraw the overall money. Besides, you may get addicted to it if you stick to what only allows you to withdraw tiny money every day. Money can bring us convenience in life and nearly whatever goods we need. However, if you are taken in by these activities with a little profits, someday you will find what you’ve done is not worth it. I am one of the participants, but I decide to quit.

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