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感觉器: The Sensory Organs 感觉器 Sensory organs : receptor with its accessory apparatus classification of receptor: 1、外感受器 exteroceptor 2、内感受器 enteroceptor 3、本体感受器 proprioceptor Up What are the receptors? the structures which can receive stimuli from internal and external environments and turn them into nerve impulse Chapter 1 Visual Organ Section 1 the eyeball I. External features ball- shaped ant. and post. poles 赤道Equator 眼轴: ocular axis 视轴: optic axis Up cornea fibrous tunic sclera Iris Wall of eyeball vascular tunic ciliary body choroid optic part : choroid part retina iridial part blind part ciliary part Chamber of eye and aqueous humor Contents lens Vitreous body ( I ) Walls of eyeball External tunic Fibrous tunic Cornea Sclera Middle tunic Vascular tunic Internal tunic retina Iris Cilliary body Choroid Iridial part part Ciliary part Choroid part Up fibrous tunic ( external tunic ) 1. 角膜Cornea anterior 1/6, transparent, more convexity, with rich nerve terminals, no blood vessels 2. 巩膜Sclera posterior 5/6, tough, white in colour, opaque 巩膜静脉窦sinus venosus sclerae Up 1、虹膜Iris 瞳孔pupil Contains sphincter pupillae 瞳孔括约肌(circular fibers) and dilator pupillae 瞳孔开 大肌 (radial fibers) Cornea and iris meet to form the iridocorneal angle 虹膜角膜角 Contains pigmental cells Up 2. 睫状体 Cilliary body 睫状突 Ciliary processes: a series of some 60~80 projections, producing aqueous humor ciliary zonnule 睫状环 Ciliary ring Ciliary m.:control the convexity of lens Up Sinus venosus sclerae Ciliary Muscle Iridocorneal angle Dilator Pupillae Sphincter Pupillae ciliary zonule Ciliary Processes Ciliary ring Up Lens 3. 脉络膜Choroid Thin, rich in bloodvessels: supplies the wall of eyeball Contains brown pigmented cells:creates a dark room Up The retina ( internal tunic ) Iridial part blind part Ciliary part Choroid part optic part Lines the choroid Composed of two layers: An outer pigment cell layer Inner neural layer Up The neural layer consists of: The cone and rod cell layer The bipolar cell layer The ganglion cell layer Ganglion cells Bipolar neurons Rod cells Cone cells Pigment cell layer Up 视神经盘 Optic disc Physiological blind spot 黄斑 Macula lutea a small yellow spot, 3.5mm temporal to optic disc 中央凹 Fovea centralis central fovea of macula lutea where the visual acuity is highest Up (II) Contents of eyeball 眼房和房水 chambers of eye aqueous humor 晶状体 lens 玻璃体 vitreous body Up 1. Chamber of eyeball (1) 眼房 Chamber of eye ant. and po

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