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人教版九年级英语课件:unit7 Section A 3a-3c共27张PPT_图文

Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.
第二课时: Section A (3a-3c)


Read the poem aloud and discuss what the title means with your partner.
Mom Knows Best When I was a tiny ?baby crying all night,my mom sang to me and stayed by my side. When I was tired and hungry,she gave me food and warm arms to sleep in. When I was two running through the field,she made sure I was safe and kept me from danger ?.

When I fell and hurt myself,she gave me a hug and lifted? me up.
When I was seven coughing badly,she said no icecream
for me. But I talked back loudly,“I should be allowed to eat
some!Give it to me now!” When I was nine watching scary movies,she said it’d
give me awful dreams. But I shouted back angrily,“I should be allowed to
watch it! I’m not a baby!”

When I was a teen going out with friends,she said, “Please be back by ten!”
But I talked back again—“I should not be told what to do! I'm seventeen now!”
Now I’m an adult,thinking back to those times.
I coughed for days after eating that icecream And had
scary dreams after watching that film.I was late for school from staying out past ten.I regret ? talking back,not listening to Mom.Mom knows best,and for me she wanted
only the best!

知识点 1 tiny /'ta?ni/ adj. 极小的,微小的 eg:He lived in a tiny cottage. 他住在一所极小的屋子里。

考向 【辨析】tiny,small与little


“极小的,微小的”,强调特 I have a tiny watch.




“小的,不大的”,通常指外 The small village is next to the city.





带有感情色彩,表示喜欢、可 My little dog is lovely.我的小狗很 怜或讨厌等,常与形容词nice,可爱。


知识点 2 keep sb./sth. from sth. 保护某人/某物免 受……的影响或伤害
eg:The sunglasses can keep our eyes from the sun.太阳 镜可以保护我们的眼睛免受阳光的伤害。
考向【重点】 keep sb./sth. from doing sth. =stop sb./sth.from doing sth. 阻止某人/某物做某事。 eg:We must keep/stop the children from playing in the street. 我们必须阻止孩子们在街上玩。

拓展 keep用法归类 +sb./sth.

+介词 +形容词 +副词 +doing

eg: If your hands are cold, keep them in your pockets. 如果你的手冷,就把它们放在你的口袋里。
These gloves will keep your hands warm. 这些手套会使你的手暖和。
The cold weather kept us indoors. 寒冷的天气使我们呆在室内。 I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting.很抱歉,让你久等了。 She kept her eyes shut and stayed where she was. 她紧闭双眼,呆在原地不动。

知识点 3 lift /l?ft/ v.举起;抬高 n.电梯;搭便车 eg:Tom is strong enough to lift the box.
汤姆足够强壮,能提起这个箱子。 考向一【难点】【辨析】 lift,rise与raise
lift 指用体力或机械把某物“提”到一定的高度。 rise 不及物动词,表示自然升起,说明主语自身由低到高的变化过程。 raise 及物动词,表示在外力的作用下“提升”。

考向二 lift 作可数名词,意为“电梯;搭便车”。 常用短语:give sb. a lift 让某人搭便车。 eg: We take the lift to go up and down. 我们乘电梯上下。 He gave me a lift to the station. 他用车顺便送我到车站。

知识点 4 【高频】regret /r?'ɡret/ v.& n.感到遗憾;懊悔
考向1【重点&易错】 过去式及过去分词分别是regretted, regretted. eg: Seeing the beautiful mountain, he regretted coming here
alone. 看到美丽的山,他后悔一个人来这儿了。

考向2【重点&易错】regret doing sth. 与regret to do sth. 辨析 前者意为“后悔做了某事”,事情已经做了。 后者意为“很遗憾要做某事”,事情还没有做。 eg: I regret troubling you for so long.
我很抱歉麻烦了你那么久。 I regret to tell you that you didn’t pass the exam. 我很遗憾地告诉你,你没有通过这次考试。

特色土 方法

巧记既能接不定式,又能接动名词,但意 义不同的动词或词组:记住(remember) 又忘记(forget),try doing 是尝试, try to do 更努力,后悔(regret)继续(go on) 停(stop)。

典例 I regret ____B____ my daughter to the shopping center. She is always running everywhere. A.take B.taking C.takes D.to take
【点拨】用语境法解题。由第二句可知第一句意思为“我 后悔把我的女儿带到购物中心。”表示事情已经发生了, 用“regret doing sth.”。

Read the poem again and answer the questions.
1.What did the mom do when the writer was a baby and a
small child?
When he was a tiny baby crying all night,his mom sang to him and stayed by his side.
When he was tired and hungry,she gave him food and warm arms to sleep in.
When he was two running through the field,she made sure he was safe and kept him from danger.
When he fell and hurt himself,she gave him a hug and lifted him up.

2.Why do you think the writer talked back to his mom
when he was seven and nine years old? Because he thought he was old enough to have his own
decisions. 3.How did the writer feel when he was a teenager and his
mom said “Please be back by ten”? He felt a little angry.
4.After reading the whole poem,how do you think the
writer feels about his mom? He feels that his mother loves him best in the world.

Think about a time you did something even though your mom or dad told you not to do it. Share your story with your partner.


1.It’s impolite to talk ____D____ when parents say something unpleasant.

A. about

B. with C. to

D. back

【点拨】talk back顶嘴。句意为:当父母说不愉快的事情的 时候顶嘴是不礼貌的。

2. I regret _____C___ such rude words to my father. A. say B. says C. saying D. to say

【点拨】 regret doing sth. 后悔做过某事;regret to do sth. 遗 憾做某事。句意为:我后悔对父亲说了那样无礼的话。故选C。

3. —How often do I need to feed the dog?

—It ___C_____ food every day, or it will be hungry.

A. must give

B. must be give

C. must be given D. must be gave

4. It is so ____B____that we can hardly see it. A. long B. tiny C. old D. soft
5. She followed her son to make sure he was safe and kept him from ___A_____. A. danger B. dangerous C. endanger D. endangered
【点拨】句意为:她跟着儿子确保他是安全的并让他远离危险。 keep from danger远离危险。

二、根据汉语提示写出单词 6. The two friends __h_u_g_g_e_d_(拥抱) when they met. 7. Dave tried to stop the baby from __c_r_y_in_g__(哭). 8. Bob __li_f_te_d___(举起)the bag and put it on the shelf. 9. I ate little because the food was __a_w__f_u_l _(坏的). 10. A car hit Peter, but luckily he didn’t get hurt __b_a_d_l_y__(严

三、根据汉语完成句子 11. 是谁过去常常陪伴在你身边,唱歌给你听?
Who used to ____st_a_y__ ___b__y___ your side and __s_i_n_g___ ___f_o_r___ you? 12. 我看见孩子们从地里跑过去。 I saw children _r_u_n_n_i_n_g_ _t_h_r_o_u_g_h_ the field. 13. 我们被告知要在十点以前回来。 We ___w_e_r_e__ ___to_l_d___ to be back by ten.

14. 不要和你妈妈顶嘴。 Don’t ___t_a_lk___ ___b_a_c_k__ to your mother.
15. 在中国人民的帮助下,肯尼亚在几个月前建成了一条新 的现代化铁路。(广州) With the help of the Chinese people, a new and modern railway in Kenya __w__a_s___ __b_u_i_lt___ several months ago.

本节课通过学习Mom Knows Best这首诗, 掌握了知识点tiny, keep sb. from sth., lift, regret的用法。

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