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2016 高考英语考前押题:三大从句

1. A lot of lovers chose to get married on Dec. 12, 2012, ________ the date,

the month and the year match.


B.on which C.in which D.which

2. My favorite writer is Mo Yan, some of ________ novels have a surprising


A.whom B.his C.whose D.which

3. After visiting Harbin, most of the foreign friends said they would never

forget the time ________ they had spent.

A.that B.what C.when D.at which

4. Many people tried to leave the country, ________ there was much violence

and a serious shortage of food supply.

A.where B.which C.that D.what

5.The most impressive sites of Chishui Danxia are its various waterfalls,

_______ the Shizhang Waterfall is the largest one.

A.for which

B.in which C.from which D.of which

6. Everyone is different and that is ________ makes our world much better.

A.that B.which C.who D.what

7.—What has made John look like lacking sleep?

—________ he had to prepare for the coming exam and stayed up last night.

A.For B.Because C.That D.What

8.You seem to have a ready-made answer ________ I ask you a question.

A.whenever B.whatever C.whichever D.whoever

9.(_______ you are unable to deal with it, perhaps we should ask someone

else for help.

A.Although B.While C.Since D.Unless

10. You had better book rooms at the hotel in advance ________ you should

find no room on your arrival.

A.so that B.even if C.in case D.now that

11. Actually, the London Olympic Park is built ________ there used to be

a poor area called East London.

A.what B.when C.where D.why

12.The pupils were playing games in the classroom ________ a gunman entered

and began shooting wildly at them.

A.while B.when C.as D.before

13 . It is announced that big prizes will go to ________ finishes the

assignment on time.

A.whom B.who C.whomever D.whoever

14.)What impresses me most is ________ he appears in front of others, he

w ears a sincere and charming smile.

A.what B.which C.that where D.that whenever

15. It hasn't been made clear ________ the new underground line is to be

open to traffic.

A.when B.that C.what D.where

1. _______ is often the case with old people, my grandfather is fond of doing

morning exercise.

A.As B.Which C.What D.It

2. The government should consider ________ people and the environment will

be affected before they make decisions.

A.whether B.which C.where D.what

3.—I don't mind how you do it ________ you finish the painting on time.

—OK, I see.

A.as well as B.as far as C.as long as D.as fast as

4. Provide your doctor with a detailed medical history ________ he can give

you accurate treatment.

A.even if B.in case C.so that

D.as though

5. All the soldiers were placed exactly ________ the local government wanted

them for the control of the comeback of the flood.

A.while B.when C.where D.though

6.________ we've set our mind on the goal, we must go through with the task.

A.As long as B.Even if C.Now that

D.If only

7. Some place names have been changing over the years. For example, Jinling

in ancient China refers to ________ is now called Nanjing.

A.that B.which C.what D.whether

8. Scientists have found evidence ________ global warming caused the world's

first horses to become smaller nearly 50 million years ago.

A.what B.that C.which D.whether

9. (2013·银川高三二模)It remains to be seen ________ this plan is practical

enough to keep the project going.

A.whether B.how C.where D.when

10. The progress of the work will depend on what the weather conditions are

and ________ modern the equipment is.

A.how B.whether

11._____ Sandy's damage is unlikely to last long, it would apparently hurt

the total economic output of the fourth quarter.

A.Since B.Before C.Unless D.Although

12.—How do you like the book?

—It's quite different from ________ I read last month.

A.that B.the one what C.the one D.which

13.—When choosing furniture, you only focus on function while I think more

about the design.

—That's ________ we differ.

A.how B.what C.which D.where

14. The course about Chinese food attracts over 100 students per year,

________ up to half are from overseas.

A.in which B.for whom C.with which D.of whom

15. The businessman wears a suit and a tie with a beard ________ the season.

A.whatever B.whereverC.whenever D.however

1.Sarah Brightman, ________ will fly to space in 2015, is the first woman

to fly there in the field of music.

A.who B.that[来源:Zxxk.Com]C.which D.whose

2.Air pollution is getting more and more serious, so we must take action

________ it is too late.

A.before B.afterC.until D.when

3.Ram explained to his mother ________ he would get home late that night

because of extra work.

A.that B.which

C.what D.whether

4.I think you should work harder ________ you are satisfied with the way

things are.

A.if B.whenC.since D.unless

5.________ is known to all is that effective measures should be taken to

deal with the problem of the over-exploitation of our resources.

A.What B.ItC.As D.Which

6.—When did you get home last night?

—It was almost midnight ________ we arrived home.

A.that B.beforeC.since D.when

7.He met Rachel at her college graduation ceremony in 2011, ________ he was

later to marry.

A.which B.when C.where D.whom

8.I went to that fancy restaurant with my wife yesterday, ________ chefs

are really brilliant.

A.when B.which C.who D.whose

9.The Olympics are like a huge stage ________ everyone makes every effort

to achieve their dreams.

A.that B.when

C.which D.where

10.Her son was accused of cheating by the police, ________ made it difficult

for her to go to sleep.

A.what B.as C.which D.where

11.After a day's exhausting climb we arrived at ________ we had been told

was “Garden in the Air”.

A.what B.which C.that D.where

12.The old woman is warm-hearted. She is always ready to help ________ is

in trouble.

A.no matter who B.whomever C.whoever D.anyone

13.China is developing fast. That's ________ I think those of my colleagues

who deal with China affairs should visit China.

A.because B.why C.when D.how

14.Take the note as a reminder ________ you forget to buy some sweets for

the kids while shopping there.

A.in case B.so that C.even if D.as if

15.We are thinking about ________ can be admitted into our club. The number

of members is limited.

A.who B.what

C.which D.whether

1. The zoologist hid himself among the bushes, ____ he could watch how the

lions lived on the grassland.

A. where

B. which

C. from where

D. from which

2. ____ a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the


A. It has

B. They have

C. It remains




3. Don’t try to get off the bus

it has stopped.

A. while

B. as

C. since

D. before

4. Mary isn’t in the classroom..Do you know ___?

A. where she is B. where is she C. who is she

5. Was it in 2000 _______he was still in middle school ________this boy became

an expert at computer?

A. when; where B. that , where C. when, that

D. that, that

6. ____ a time in the 1960s when young people liked wearing army uniforms.

A. It was

B. There was

C. It is

D. There is

7. ____to the development of western China, Lucy decided to find a proper

job there, ____ which she can bring her ability and potential to the fullest.

A. Devoting; this B. To devote; that C. Devoted; one D. Being

devoted; the one

8. ____ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan.

A. Which

B. When

C. What

D. As

9. --- Did you wait for him very long?

--- No, it seemed just few seconds __ _ he came back.

A. before

B. when

C. as

D. after

10. ____ you may have, you should gather your courage to face the challenge.

A. However a serious problem

B. What a serious problem

C. However serious a problem

D. What serious a problem

11. It led to the conclusion

the captain was


A.that,to be blame B. whether,to blame C. that,to blame D.whether,

to be blame

12. The notice came around two in the afternoon_______ the meeting would

be postponed.

A. when

B. that C. whether D. how

13. Ciqikou is

tourist attraction that many people visit it every


A.so a well-known

B. a so well-known

C. such well-known a

D. such a well-known

14. The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful

in the jobs ____ they are being trained.

A. in that

B. for that

C. in which

D. for which

15. Jane’s struggle to make a place for herself in the music circle is the

kind of life story _____a fascinating novel might be written.

A. where

B. by whom

C. for what

D. about which

16. Don’t leave the sharp knife ____ our little Jane can get it.

A. in which

B. to which

C. that

D. where

17 . The government has taken some measures to solve the problem of

unemployment, but it

may be some time ____ the situation becomes better.

A. before

B. since C. after

D. unless

18. Cheating isn’t new. ______ there have been rules, there have been people

who try to break them.

A. As far as

B. Unless

C. As long as

D. Even if

19. This month Dr. Jefferson is answering questions about the human brain

and _______ it works.

A. what

B. that

C. whether

D. how

20. The little girl who got lost decided to remain ____ she was and wait

for her mother.

A. where B. what

C. how

D. who

21. He is only too ready to help others, seldom, _______,refusing them when

they turn to him.

A. if never B. if ever C. if not D. if any

22. ____ she couldn’t understand was ____ fewer and fewer students showed

interest in her lessons.

A. What; why B. That; what

C. What; because D. What; that

23. Why! I have nothing to confess. ____ you want me to say?

A. What is it that

B. What it is that

C. How is it that

D. How it is that

24. It was not until midnight ____ they reached the camp site.

A. that

B. when

C. while

D. as

25. Bamboo grows best in places

it is warm and

it rains


A.which; which

B. where; where C. where; which

D. which;


26. The knife

we used to cut the apple is very

, so please

be careful.

B.that, security B. which, share C. /, short D. that, sharp

27. She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do ____ it takes to

save her life.

A. whichever

B. however

C. whatever

D. whoever

28. The psychobiologist seldom wears anything other than a suit no matter

_____ the season is .

A.what B. where C. when D. how

29. — Do you have anything to say for yourselves?

— Yes, there’s one point ____ we must insist on.

A. why

B. where

C. how

D. /

30. The Beatles, ____ many of you are old enough to remember, came from


A. what

B. that

C. how

D. as

31. I have many friends, ____ some are businessmen.

A. of them

B. from which

C. who of

D. of whom

32. ______ I believe in you, I don’t _______ your viewpoint_______ she is

failing to find a well-paid job again.

A. When; submit; which

B. As; subscribe for; where

C. If; apply for; /

D. While; subscribe to; that

33. He transplanted the little tree to the garden ____ it was the best time

for it.

A. where

B. when

C. that

D. until

34. Wow! Look at the man and his horse ____ are running down the road.

A. which

B. that

C. who

D where

35. I refuse to accept the blame for something ____ was someone else’s


A. who

B. that

C. as

D. what

36. It is not failure itself but the attitude we have towards it ____ matters.

A. which B. what C. that D. as

37. It was 80 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic ______

Zheng sailed to East Africa

A. when. B. that C. after. D. since

38. When I got New York, I had to attend a school for students ______ first

language was not English.

A. who B. which C. whose D. where

39. It is

the pupils do in their spare time

really prepares

them to take their place in society as citizens when they grow up.

A. which; that

B. that; what

C. what; that


that; which

40. ____ parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children.

A. That

B. Which

C. What

D. As

41. Our neighbor has ____ ours.

A. as a big house as

B. as big a house as

C. the same big house as

D. a house the same big as

42. — Do you have any idea what Paul does all day?

— As I know, he spends at least as much time playing as he ____.

A. writes

B. does writing C. is writing

D. does


43. Railway is to transportation_____ blood is to a man’s body.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. like

44. - Was it by cutting down staff

she saved the firm?

- No, it was by improving work efficiency.

A. when B. what C. how D. that

45. — Why are you staring at me?

— You look stupid! The way you wear is ____ annoys most.

A. which

B. where

C. how

D. what

46. — I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays.

— That’s ____ I don’t agree .You should have a more active life.

A. where B. how

C. when

D. what

47. York, ____ last year, is a nice old city.

A. that I visited B. which I visited C. where I visited D. in which

I visited

48. It is the third time that she has won the race,

has surprised

us all.

A. that B. where C. which D. what

49. ____ life began on the earth is one of the biggest puzzles to scientists.

A. How B. What C. Where D. That

50. It is by no means clear

the president can do to end the strike.

A. how B. which C. that

D. what

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