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牛津译林版七下Unit 1 Dream homes Reading 1教案

8 初中英语精品资源* Unit 1 Dream homes

1. To read and learn about different types of homes and lifestyles..

2. To obta in details about homes in different countries.

重点 难点 教学 准备

To learn about homes in different countries Learn how to describe differe nt homes The multi-media


Step 1.Warm up 1. Revise the names o f some countries and capitals, asking some questions. eg. Where would you like to live? Would you like to live in …?
Step 2.Presentation 1. Present some new words, like Balcony, sitting room.etc. 2. Finish Part B2. 3. Present the text Say something about dream homes.
St ep 3. Fast reading Get the students read the text Quickly.
Step 4 . Careful reading 1.Read Passage1 carefully, answer some questions. (In-cla ss exercise 1) 2. Read Passage 2 caref ully, fill in the blanks. (In-class exercise 2) 3. Read Passage3 carefully, judge” T or F.” (In-class exercise 3) 4. ReadvPassage 4 carefully, Retell the text according to the key words. (In-class exercise 4)
Step 6. Discussion Get the students discuss their dream homes in groups.



8 初中英语精品资源*
Step 7. In-class exercises Ask the students to do some exercises in class.
Step 8. Homework. 1. Ask the students to finish off the exercises in the
paper. 2. Write a passage “dream homes”. 1. Revise this pe riod
作业设计 2. Pre-learn the next period 教学反思

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