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牛津英语 2B下 unit3_图文

Unit 3 My room 精选PPT 1 Come here, please. Go there, please. Come back, please. Clean the desk, please. Sweep the floor, please. 精选PPT 2 room 精选PPT 3 I’m a____. This is my room. I like my room. 精选PPT 4 door window This is my room. I see a _____. 精选PPT 5 Open the door, please. 精选PPT 6 Close the window, please. 精选PPT 7 Open, open, open the door. Close, close, close the window. Sweep, sweep, sweep the floor. Clean, clean, clean your room. 精选PPT 8 room window door 精选PPT 9 door window This is my room. I see a _____. 精选PPT 10 bed 精选PPT 11 One bed, two beds, three beds, four. Five beds, six beds, seven beds, more. 精选PPT 12 bed table window 精选PPT door 13 A B desk table 精选PPT 14 Desk or table? sofa 精选PPT 15 TI hhiasvies emigyh_t_s_o_fasos.fa. 精选PPT 16 I have _tfho_tw_ure_roe_s_tboa_ef_bad_lse_s__. lamp 精选PPT 17 lamp 精选PPT 18 a lamp. I see ____lamps. 精选PPT 19 sofa lamp bed table window room 精选PPT door 20 This is my room. I see a... 精选PPT 21 Goodbye 精选PPT 22

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