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人教版PEP四年级英语下册课件4英课件Unit 3—Part B3课件_图文

英语 四年级 下册 配人教(PEP)版 Unit 3 Weather Part B (III) 一、 Read and fill. 阅读John给爸爸的回信,在方框 内补上缺少的标点符号。 Hi, Dad ! How are you doing in Sydney ? Mum and I are both fine. The weather in Beijing is great . It’s cool and windy. I can fly my kite in Beihai Park. I can also ride bikes there. How about you ? Do you see the lovely kangaroos in Sydney? Please send(寄)me some pictures. Love , John 二、Read and judge. 再次阅读上面的信件,判断以 下句子的正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”。 ( T )1. John is in Beijing. ( F )2. Beijing is cold and windy. ( F )3. John can fly kites in Sydney. ( F )4. John’s mum is in Sydney. ( T )5. John likes kangaroos. 三、Look and write. 根据图片提示写句子。 1. A: Is it rainy? B: Yes, it is. 2. A: Is it sunny? B: No, it isn’t. 3. A: Is it cold/snowy/hot/sunny/… B: Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t.

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