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【最新】人教版九年级第十一单元Section A 1a—2d(共23张PPT)_图文

Unit 11
Sad movies make me cry.
Section A 1a~2d

Teaching goals
? Talk about how things affect you ? how to deal with your negtive feelings. ? make ab. adj./make sb. do sth.

lie one the beach

get good grades

do the same thing again and again

your lovely dog dies

an exam comes

fight with best friend

walk alone at night

stay up late

sad angry bored unhappy nervous





relaxed excited

stressed out

proud comfortable

Say more about your feelings
Loud music makes me bored. Walking alone at night makes me feel scared. When someone shouts at me, I feel my heart
beat hard and I want to have a big fight with him. ......

m e n u

1b Listen and fill in the blanks. Then
match the restaurants with the statements.
Rockin’ Restaurant The _a_w_f_u_l_ pictures make Amy _u_n_c_o_m__fo_r_t_a_b_le_. The __lo_u_d___ music makes Amy ___n_e_r_v_o_u_s___. Blue Ocean The ____s_o_ft____ music makes Amy __re_l_a_x____, but it makes Tina _____s_le_e_p_y_____.

Make conversations
Tina: Which restaurant would you rather go to? Amy: I'd rather go to Blue Ocean because I like to listen to the quiet music while I'm eating. Tina: But that music makes me sleepy. I want to have the hamburgers at Rockin' Restaurant.

2a Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in the order you hear them.





2b Listen again. Complete the statements.
1. Waiting for Amy drove Tina _c_r_a_z_y__.
2. Amy didn’t want to __s_ta_y__ at Rockin’ Restaurant.
3. Loud music makes John want to _d_a_n__ce__.

Make conversations
John: Did you have fun with Amy last night? Tina: Well...yes and no. She was really late.
Use the following expressions: ? drive sb. crazy ? make sb. +adj. ? make sb. do sth

How to deal with our negative feelings
?Make your feelings out. ?Do something else that can make you happy. ?Learn to control your feelings (breathe, self
suggestion, put yourself in others’ shoes).

Role-play 2d
? What happened? ? How does it make Alice feel? Why? ? How will Nancy deal with the problem? ? In this case, how does Nancy deal with
her feelings?

If you... ?fail an important exam. ?have a big fight with your best friend. ?let your team down because of missing a

Write a composition: ? What happened? ? How did it make you feel? Why? ? How did you deal with your negtive feelings? ? How did you deal with the problem? ? What can you learn from the experience?
80-100 words


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