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2019-2020 学年陕西省榆林市英语八年级(上)期末学业水平测试模拟试题 一、选择题 1.I’m so hungry. Please give me__________ to eat. A.three bread B.three pieces of bread C.three pieces of breads D.three breads 2.It's dark in the room. Please _________ the light. A.turn on B.open C.close D.turn off 3.On weekends, we have nothing to do but ________ TV. A.watch B.watches C.to watch D.watching 4.—________ cheese would you like? —Three pieces of________. A.How many; cheeses B.How many; cheese C.How much; cheeses D.How much; cheese 5.If you____have an ID card,they____let you in. A.do; won’t B.will; will C.don’t; won’t D.won’t; will 6.He ______ the prize ______ the running this year. A.made;on B.got;about C.won;for D.won;on 7.No one will ______ his invitation because all of us want to be his guests. A.turn up B.turn down C.accept D.disagree 8.The ________ you are,the ________ mistakes you'll make. A.more carefully;less B.more careful;less C.more carefully;fewer D.more careful;fewer 9.Tom gave me an invitation yesterday, but I decided not to _________ it. A.receive B.accept C.get D.take 10.—What is your New Year’s resolution? —I never any resolutions because I can’t them. A.make, keep B.make, take C.take, keep D.keep, make 11.The doctor told Ann to eat ____________ vegetables and ____________ meat, because she's getting heavier. A.much;little B.more;less C.many;few D.more; fewer 12.He is _____ becuuse he made a mistake. A.embarrassed B.enjoyable C.knowledgeable D.patient 13.The students in our school learn English _________computers . A.at B.in C.on D.to 14.—______are you going to get good grades? —I’m going to study harder. A.How B.Where C.What D.Why 15.His eyes were _______tears as he looked happily at her . A.covered with B.agreed with C.filled with D.taken up 16.I felt_____when I finished the museum. A.relaxing B.relaxed C.exciting D.terrible 17.This is my friend. He is ________less outgoing than I am. A.much B.much more C.more D.very 18.There are some children in the park. They _____ now. They _____ a party next Sunday. A.sing; have B.are singing; are going to have C.sing; are having D.are singing; have 19.I’m sure about_________the tennis match next Friday. A.win B.winning C.to win D.won 20.Please add a little salt _______ the meat,then add a spoon of salt ______ the soup. A.to;to B.to;on C.on; on D.on, to 二、单词填空 21.根据句意及首字母、汉语提示完成单词。 1)We didn't see any h__________ (母鸡) on the farm. 2)There're two p_________ (猪). One is small a

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