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外研版英语七年级下册Module 3Unit 3 Language in use课件1_图文

Unit 3 Language in use

What is he / she going to do?

He is going to have a picnic.

She’s going to stay in bed.

She is going to do her homework.

He is going to the theatre.

Teaching aims:
1. 语法:一般将来时 2. 语言技能:
a. 能用be going to表达自己的计划, 安排 b. 能询问对方的计划, 安排 3. 自学策略: 能根据自己的具体情况 制订学习计划 4. 学习掌握本课生词与短语

Grammar structure: 一般将来时
一、用法:表达打算,计划,有意做某事. 二、形式: Subject + be going to + v.原型
I am going to visit Australia. 肯定句: She is going to buy some clothes.
They are going to play computer games.

否定和 疑问句:

I am not going to visit Australia. --Are you going to visit Australia? --Yes, I am / No, I am not. She isn’t going to buy some clothes. --Is she going to buy some clothes? --Yes, she is. / No, she is not.

Language practice
I’m going to check my email. Lingling and I are going to have a picnic. Lingling is going to have a picnic lesson. What are you going to do at the weekend? Are we going to meet here? No, we aren’t.

1. Work in pairs. Ask and answer.

People Activity

you your parents your friends
have a picnic listen to music play computer games take a walk

e.g. —— What are you going to do on Saturday morning?
—— On Saturday morning I’m going to…

2. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
buy get up go have make play see stay walk
1. We are going to _s_e_e__ a movie this weekend. 2. They are going to_p__la_y__ football on Sunday. 3. Betty wants to go shopping. She’s going to
_b_u_y_ some clothes. 4. I’m going to _h_a_v_e_ a piano lesson on
Saturday morning.

5. Daming isn’t going to _st_a_y_ in bed on Sunday morning. He’s going to _g_e_t_u_p_ early.
6. Lingling wants to go for a walk. She’s going to w__a_lk_ in the park.
7. Tony is going to _g_o__ to a summer camp during the summer holiday. He’s going to_m_a_k__e a lot of friends and have fun.

3. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1.Are you going to check your email? 2.Are they going to collect litter in the park on Sunday? 3.Is Betty going to buy some new clothes? 4.Are you going to see a movie this evening? 5.Is Tony going to play a computer game?

Now complete the answer to the question.
1. -- Are you going to check your email? -- yes, I_a_m___.
2. Are they going to collect litter in the park on Sunday? Yes, they__a_r_e__.

Around the world
Weekend plans
At the weekend , many young people in the UK do some sports on Saturday morning, and may be go shopping in that afternoon. On Sunday they get up late, see friends and have lunch with their family. In the afternoon they sometime go for a walk. But on Sunday evening, it’s time for homework.

4. work in group of three. talk about
What you are going to do at the weekend?
For example:
A: What you are going to do at the weekend? B: I’m going to…. (to C) What about you? C: I’m going to….

5. Make a group diary for next weekend.
Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Saturday evening Sunday morning Sunday afternoon Sunday evening

1. I want to _b_u_y_ (buy) a pencil-box. 2. They are _c_o_m_i_n_g_ (come) tomorrow. 3. Why don’t you _g_o_ (go) there with them? 4. All of us will _e_n_j_o_y (enjoy) the beautiful sea. 5. Will you _ta_k_e_ (take) the bus to go to the party? 6. I don’t like _g_e_tt_in_g__u_p_ (get up) early every day. 7. I _h_a_v_e_ (have) an English lesson every
Monday morning. 8. He is looking forward to _g_o_i_n_g_ (go) cycling.

1. 我正盼望着参观长城。
I’m looking forward to visiting the Great Wall.
2. 他爸爸是一位厨师。他正在做饭。 TraHnisslaftaeththere isseantceonocke.sHinetoisEcnogolkisinhg.
3. — 为什么她女儿要躺在海滩上? — 因为喜欢享受阳光和海水。
— Why is her daughter going to lie on the beach? — Because she likes enjoying the sun and the sea.

4. — 为什么你要去观光? — 因为我喜欢外国文化。
— Why are you going do some sightseeing? — Because I like foreign culture.
5. 他们打算复习功课准备考试, 然后他们打算 查看电子邮件。
They are going to revise for their test and then they’re going to check their emails.

1.(2011·山东·22)Liu Xiang was born in Shanghai

______ 1983.

√A. in

B. at

C. on

D. to

2. (2010·重庆·37)If you ________ to the 2010

Shanghai Expo next month,I will go with you.

√A. go B. has gone C. will go D. are going 3.(2010·江西·26)—Hey,Tina. ________ are you

going for your vacation?

—Hmmm,I think I'm going to Shanghai.

√ A. How B. Where

C. When D. Why

4. (2010·重庆·35)—Mark,please don't play basketball

on the road. It's very dangerous.

—________. I am going home at once.

√ A. Have a great time
C. I'd like to

B. Sorry,I won't do that D. OK,with pleasure

5. (2011·济南·23) —What can you see in the picture?

—I can see a farm. And there ______ a lot animals

on it.

A. is

√B. are

C. will be

D. be

6. (2010·重庆·26)—Are you good at history,Rose?

—________. But I will try to study it well this term.

√ A. That's all right B. Not very good

C. No problem

D. Quite well

7. (2011·济南·27) —What is Tom doing now?

—He ______ basketball over there.

√A.is playing

B. will play

C. has played

D. was playing

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