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外研版九年级英语上册Module8 Sports life测试题及答案

精品资料 外研版九年级英语上册 Module8 Sports life 测试题 一、单项选择(15 分) 1. Gina was _______ in 2006. She is old enough to go to school. A. bear B. bore C. born D. bears 2. —Did that sportsman win ____ gold medal at ____Athens Olympics? —Yes, he did. A. a; an B. a; the C. a; / D. /; the 3. — It is well-known the 29th Olympics Games_____ in London in June ,2012.. — Thanks a lot. A. will hold B. have held C. are holding 4..—Does his mother encourage him _____the piano? D. will be held —Of course she does. A. to play B. playing C. play C. plays 5. ______ everyone has arrived, let’s start our class meeting. A. Although B. Before C. So that 6. —____ was the score of the match? D. Now that —64 points to 48. A. How many B. How much C. Which D. What 7. —Did they _____ the final game? —Sorry, I have no idea. A. beat B. defeat C. win D. look 8. — Which team will the Chinese football team play ______? — The Korean team. A. for B. on C. against D. at 9. — Why are you so _____ with Tom? — He broke my newly-bought camera. A. amazed B. pleased C. mad D. bored 10. Please give him a ______ to explain. Maybe he is right. A. answer B. reply C. problem D. chance 11. What he said _______ so I went outside at once without a word. A. gets to me B. got to me C. got to him D. gets to him 12. USA ______ the United States of America. A. looks like B. stands for C. makes D. spells 1 精品资料 13. The earthquake destroyed their restaurant. With the help of the government, they have _____ a new one. A. taken up B. set up C. found out D. got to 13.—Did Liu Xiang’s training programme _____ a lot of his time? —Yes, that’s right. A. set up B. take up C. grow up D. look up 15.—You are playing basketball really well, Jack. —______. A. I agree B. So do I C. Really? Thank you D. You are welcome 二、完形填空(15 分) Johnny Sylvester, eleven years old, was in bed in the hospital. A few days ago, when he was __1__in a football game, he fell and his head hit the ground. The doctors thought he might ___2____get well. “He seems to have given up hope. So medicine won’t ___3__. Maybe he needs something else,” said one of the doctors. “When I visit Johnny, all he ever says is that he would like to __4___ Babe Ruth.” To meet Babe Ruth, of course, was not possible. Babe Ruth was as important a man in America ___5___the president himself, and he was the most famous baseball player in the game. The next day Johnny’s father managed to __6__Babe Ruth about the story of Joh

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