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外研版英语七年级下册Module 1Unit 2 Are they yours教案4

外研版英语七年级下册 Unit 2 Are they yours? 教案
Unit 2 Are they yours?
1.能够正确使用下列单词和词组:camera, phone, mobile phone, lost and found office, in a hurry, leave, plane, taxi, why, airport, hundreds of, look for, thousand, strange, boat, duck. 2.能够读懂有关纽约失物招领处的短文,了解外国文化。 3.能够对询问物品主人进行问答。 4.学习英语文明礼貌的询问和回答方式,拾金不昧的做人原则和助人为乐的优良品质。
1.能够读懂有关纽约有关失物招领处的短文,并能在阅读中找出纽约失物招领处相关的细节 信息,完成任务。 2.能够正确使用一般疑问句和特殊疑问句对物品所属进行问答,能正确使用物主代词。
Top-down approach
Step 1 Warming-up 1.Read the words after the teacher. 2. Introduce the new words. Step 2 Complete the sentences. 1.A man is talking to a woman at the lost and found office. He’s looking for his ______. 2.A man is getting on the bus. His ________ is lost. 3.Complete the sentences with the correct words and expression from the box 4.Ask the students to check with a partner. 5.Check the answers: Step 3 Reading.

1) What strange things are there at the New York City Lost and Found Office? 2) Check with a partner. 3) Call back the answers from the whole class.
Step 4 Do exercises. 1.Ask the students to read through the passage in Activity 3.
People in a hurry often (1)__________ things, and there are (2)__________ things at lost and found offices at (3)__________ and (4)__________. At the New York City Lost and Found Office, there are also some very (5)__________ things. There are fifteen kilos of (6)__________ — are they yours? And how do you lose a (7)__________ boat on a train? 2.Complete the passage with the correct from of the words and expression from the box.. 3.Check with a partner. 4.Call back the answers from the whole class. 5.Read the passage together. Step 5 Guessing game. Step 6 Homework

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