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外研版英语七年级下册Module 3Unit 3 Language in use教案4

外研版英语七年级下册 Module 3 Unit 3 language in use 教案
Unit 3 language in use
1.正确运用本模块的词汇:picnic,go over, housework, nobody, nothing, look forward to , make friends, enjoy oneself, litter, beach 等。 2.能运用“be going to” 询问并回答有关将来的计划的事情,在同学之间进行真 实的交际。 3.能用“be going to”叙述自己的周末计划。 4.提高学习英语兴趣,树立信心,培养其积极主动参与各种语言实践活动的学习 态度。
能够用“be going to”熟练的谈论自己的周末计划。
本节课型为 Revision and application,根据新课标的要求,结合教材和学生特点, 主要采用任务型互动式进行教学,结合情景法、交际法、听说法、归纳法等教学 方法实施课堂活动,开启学生思维,通过一系列有条理的教学活动,引导学生自 主探究学习和与他人互动合作学习,让学生体验愉快学习。本节课所需教具及资 料:幻灯、图片、调查表等。
1. Leading-in 1. Give instructions of guessing game. 2. Show the pictures and ask the students to make dialogues about what they are going to do for the coming weekend.
Review and consolidate the new words and some phrases.

2. While-task 1. Have the students finish Activity2 and then check the answers.2. Ask the students write things they are going to do for the coming weekend as many as they can. 3,4. Organization
Review and consolidate the verbs and the phrases just learned in the first two units. 3. Post-task 1.Students interview their best friends about their plans for the coming weekend, and fill in the table of Activity5 with the information they get. 2. Make a report about their best friends’ weekend plans, using the information in the form. 3.Ask the students to write about their own weekend plans.
1.To practice the skill of speaking. 2. Enable students to talk about their weekend plans. 4. Summary Sum up the key structure: be going to do…
5. Homework Write a plan for the May Day holiday. 活动目的:
Let the students internalize the grammar they’ve learned in this module.

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