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【新】牛津译林版七年级英语下册《Unit5 Amazing things--5 Integrated skills》教案


( 七)年级 ( 英语 ) 学科集体备课

课题(教学内容)7B Unit 5 Amazing things

第 5 课: Integrated skills






教学目标: 1. B e able to know more about animals.
2. Be able to get related information from the listeni ng materials. 3. Be able to complete the passage using the information from the listening materials.
4. To learn to make a proper response to the amazing things. .. 重点难点: To learn how to describe the amazing things about these animals. 教学过程:
Step 1 Lead-in 1. Present the pictures of animals that students are familiar with and then ask the
questions; (1) Do you love animals? (2) What animals are you fond of? (3) What animals are you afraid of? (4) How much do you know about them?
2. Ask Ss a question and encourage them to answer actively: Do yo u know any amazing things about animals/
Step 2 Presentation 1. Show the pictures in Part 1 an d then ask students: Look, there are some animals. Do
you know their names? Then write down the new words “snake, camel, ant” on the Bb. 2. Show some more pictures about animals and try to make students to talk about the
animals they are familiar with. The teacher can ask: (1) What animal is this? (2) Can you tell us something about this animal? (3) Are you afrai d of this animal?
Step 3 Listening 1. Tell Ss: Mr Wu and Suzy are also talking about animals. Listen to their cov ersation and
tell me which animals they’re talking about. Then play the tape, students answer: giraffe, snake, camel and ant. 2. Ask Ss to look at Part A1 and play the tape again and put the pictures in the correct order. 3. Tell the students: Su zy is very afraid of aniamls. Mr Wu is telling her something intersting about animals and help her get rid of the frighetening feeling.
4. Present some questions like this: (1) How many bones does a giraffe have in its long neck? (2) What do snakes do in w inter? (3) How long can camels live wi thout water? (4) What are ants good at? 5. Play the tape for Part A2 and aske Ss to listen, preparing to answer questions. 6. Open the books and play the tape again. Ask Ss to complete the exercises. 7. Ask Ss t o read the sentences in Part A2 and check answers together.

总 课7 时
个性化 批注

Step 4 Practice 1. Now you know something about these four animals. Can you use your notes to help
Suzy write a thank-you letter to Mr Wu? Turn to Page 64 and finish Par A3. 2. Ask two students to read Para 2 and Para 3 one by one and then check answers
together. 3. Provide some additional exercises and ask Ss to complete: not…any more; live without; be afraid of; know more about (1) People cannot ___________ air. (2) Most children ____________ snake s. (3) Children w ant to ____________ animals in Science class. (4) I will __________ _ be late for class ___________. Step 5 Speak up 1. The teacher play the video about the 3-D painting with chalk and ask Ss: What’s the artist using to draw the picture? Guide Ss to answer and write the new word “chal k” on the Bb. The artist is drawing a 3-D picture with chalk. It’s really amazing.
2. Tell the Ss: The students are talking about amazing things in the world. Listen to the tape and then answer the following questions: (1) How did the young man travel around over 80 countries? (2) What can the man do with two hands at the same time? 1. Divide the class into four groups and read the dialogues in different roles, reminding them to pay attention to their intonation and pronunciations. Step 6 Show 1. Present the related expressions about discussing news: Do you know about…? I heard of / read about / learn about … That ’s really cool / amazing / wonderful / strange / interesting / great / funny. Do you know any amazing / wonderful / strange / interesting / great / funny things? You won’t believe it, but I read about … You m ust be kidding. What happened? I am sorry / glad to hear that. Tell me more about it. 2. Present some amazing things in this unit and ask S s in groups of two to make new dialogues.
Choose some groups to perform.


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