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人教版英语七年级上册同步课件Unit 3 Is this your pencil Section a2_图文

七年级英语RJ版·上册 Unit 3 Section A (Grammar-3c) 授课人:XXXX 一、新课引入 What’s this / that in English? It’s a / an … 二、新课讲解 Is this your pencil? Is this his green pen? Is that your schoolbag? Are these your books? Are those her keys? Yes, it is. It’s mine./ No, it isn’t. It’s hers. Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t. The blue pen is his. Yes, it is./ No it isn’t. It’s his. Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t. They’re hers. Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t. They’re mine. it’s = it is isn’t = is not aren’t = are not 二、新课讲解 3a Complete the questions and answers about each picture. Is __th_i_s___ your Yes, it is. book? No, it _is_n_’_t___. Are _t_h_e_se___ my Yes, _t_h_ey___ are. pencils? No, they aren’t. Is __th_a_t_ his ruler? Yes, it __is____. No, it isn’t. Are __th_o_s_e_ her Yes, they are. pens? No, they _a_re_n_’_t_. 二、新课讲解 3b Read the questions and complete the answers. 1.Is this her ruler? Yes, ___it_i_s______. It’s _h_e_r_s_____. 2.Is that Eric’s schoolbag? No, __i_t_is_n_’_t____. __It_’s_____ Sally’s. 3.Are these his pencils? Yes, __t_h_e_y_a_r_e___. They’re__h_i_s_____. 4.Are those Anna’s books? No, _t_h_e_y_a_r_e_n_’t__. ___T__h_e_y_’r_e___ mine. 二、新课讲解 3c Put some things into the teacher’s box. Then take one thing out of the box and find the owner. You only have two guesses! 三、强化训练 1. — Is this your key, Jenny? — No. __C____ is in my schoolbag. A. His B. Hers C. Mine 2. — Is this __C_____ book? — No, it isn’t ________. A. theirs; their B. hers; his C. your; mine 3. The green pen isn’t __B__. It’s ______. A. his, his B. his, yours C. yours, my 三、强化训练 4. — Excuse me, are these _A__ new shoes? — No, they aren’t. ____ are black over there. A. her; Hers B. her; She C. hers; Her 5. These aren’t _B___ yellow pencils. The blue pencils are _______. A. mine, my B. his, his C. hers, her 6. — Is that __C__ pencil box? — No, it isn’t. It’s _______. A. Eric, Linda’s B. Linda, Eric C. Eric’s, Linda’s 四、布置作业 ? Recite the important sentences in Grammar. ? Remember the words and phrases in this unit.

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