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A resident takes photos of _p_o__tt_e_d_plants at one of Shanghai's nightlift hotspots as the city is leveraing its nighttime economy to boost consumption and aid economic recovery.
In a multiple choice survey for the annual Report on Chinese Students' Overseas Study, released on Sunday, the UK has become the most popular destination for overseas study this year, preferred by 42 percent of the respondents, which is up by 1 percentage ___p_o_i_n_t from last year.

In Lubaga, a suburb of Kampala, 10 children of different ages gathered behind a house for lessons.
Seated on three benches, the children listened carefully as Namanda used a stick to _p_o_i_n_t_at images-nails, stones, safety pins, knives and a snake-drawn on an old blackboard.
A view of the landmark Huanghelou, a 5A scensipco_t ____in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on April 22, 2016.

They __s_p_o_t_te_d__signs of life after searching for several days.
This girl love to spotted wear ______clothes. She believes the spots make her look really cute.

Jordan advises Hornets players to add some __s_ti_n_g___.
On the Dragon Boat Festival, children normally wear scented sachets(香囊 )threaded with five-color sislktring _______to ward off evil.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin speaks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during a video conference call at the NovoOgaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia June 26, 2020. United world can ___d_e_fe__a_t __COVID-19.
Guangzhou upset Liaoning, Nanjing ___b_e__a_t ___Beijing in CBA.

In memory of him, every year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, the day he drowned himself, dragon boat races, which are said to represent the s_e_a_r_ch_for his body, are held, and the Chinese people eat Zong Zi, little packets of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, which was originally thrown into the river to keep the fishes from eating the body of Qu Yuan.

Paul Schulte is the founder of


Schulte_________, established in 2012 to

conduct research on banks, financial

technology, and bank and credit algorithms( 算


convenient ,continent, convention
Commenting on the study, Diana Fisher, associate professor, School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland, and vice president of the Australian Mammal Society, said species on everyco_n_t_in_eenxtcept for Antarctica are under threat.
People are most interested in the number of visitors to the scenic area and whether it's __c_o_n_v_e_n__ie_ntot travel there.
One of them is a shopping carnival featuring top-quality imported goods, which was held at the National _C__o_n_v_e_n_t_io_nand Exhibition Center (Shanghai) over weekends from June 6 to 7 and June 13 to 14. 会议

suppose / support
Supportive _________neighbors show they care.
Nearly 3 million residents in Hong Kong have signed up to expressupthpeoirr ______for a national security legisltation(立法;法规)for their home city.

suppose / support
Liu Yifan, who's in her 30s, runs a company as an interactive-installation designer in Shanghai. She says her consumption has significantly decreased due to restrictions on entertainment activities, and fear of being infected during trips or outings.
"Besides, my income also fell as many of our clients, such as design and planning companies, have postponed or canceled business this year. I _s_u_p_p_o__s_e we will stay idle for at least two months. This summer will not be easy," she adds.

It is said that you will be lucky in the coming year if you can balance an egg upright during the Dragon Boat Festival. The egg balancing com__p_e_t_it_io_n_will be held at noon in many places.
The Guangwu section of the Great Wall in Shanyin cocuonmtypilsetae ________defense system consisting of walls, watchtowers, fortresses and other facilities.

we need to create and carry out new education patterns with an updated curriculum that emphasize health, academic performance, and social and economic development, a better resourced campus with a mixcoofmmpeedteiantand technologies, more __________teaching force, more school-parent cooperation, as well as partnership of various key structures.

strike / stick /stuck/struck
Police officers broke open the windshield of a car which wass_t_u_c_kin flood water to rescue people trapped inside in Yichang, Hubei province.
striking Here are some of the most ____images taken from around the world over the past week.

strike / stick /stuck/struck
As technology develops, exams will be increasingly conducted online. The world is going digital, and most of the
work is being done online now, but we still continue to _s_ti_ck
to the old examination paper. Online exams save time and lots of questions can be offered to the students. It is time to make a change.
A rescue worker breaks up local people using an excavator in Mianning county, Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province, as the region was hit by heavy rains on June 27, 2020.
Two hours after the rainstosrtrmuc_k___ the county together with hail, the power supply was cut. At 11 pm, a village official asked his family to go to a resettlement area to escape the flood.

inform / informal/form / from/reform/information
Old letters and photos of Chinese people in Sydney to be displayed at the Museum of Chinese in Australia. It is their stories that will _f_o_rm__ the basis of the Museum of Chinese in Australia, located in the old Haymarket library in the heart of Sydney's Chinatown.
They held aninf_o_r_m_a_l_meeting to discuss the possibilities.

inform / informal/form / from/reform/information
Shenzhen teachers promote education in Huanjiang The first studio was set up by Zhong Xiong, a teacher at Baihua Primary School in Futian district, Shenzhen. Located in Douchuan Primary School of Chuanshan town in Huanjiang, the studio promotes a teaching model integrating independent learning, cooperative inquiry, and the application of _i_n_f_o_rm__a_t_io_n_technology to guide students to learn to collect, process i_n_f_o_rm__a_t_io, nand analyze data.

inform / informal/form / from/reform /information Many visitors to Pu'er afrreom____ Yunnan. It's a popular destination for families.
Public health _r_e_f_o_r_m_to narrow urbanrural gap
inform They will _____ us if there are any new developments.

1. 过去分词作状语过去分词作状语表示被动的和完成的动作 。
(1) Written in a hurry, this article was not so good! 因为写得匆忙,这篇文章不是很好。
【注意】written 为过去分词作状语,表示这篇文章是被写 的,而且已经被写。 值得注意的是,有些过去分词因来源于 系表结构,作状语时不表被动而表主动。这样的过去分词及 短语常见的有: lost (迷路); seated (坐); hidden (躲); stationed (驻扎); lost / absorbed in (沉溺 于); born (出身于); dressed in (穿着); tired of (厌烦)。
(2) Lost / Absorbed in deep thought, he didn’t hear the sound.因为沉溺于思考之中,所以他没听到那个 声音。

2. 过去分词作状语时其逻辑主语为主句的主语,此时应注意人称一致 。
(1) Given another hour, I can also work out this problem.
再给我一个小时,我也能解这道题。(given 为过去分词作状 语,它的逻辑主语为主句主语 I ,即 I 被再给一个小时。)
(2) Seen from the top of the hill, the city looks more beautiful to us.
从山顶看城市,城市显得更漂亮。(seen 为过去分词作状语, 表“被看”,由语境可知,它的逻辑主语必须是城市,而不是“我们” ,因为“我们”应主动看城市。)

【注意】如果过去分词作状语时,前面再加逻辑主语,主句的 主语就不再是分词的逻辑主语,这种带逻辑主语的过去分词结 构实际上属于独立主格结构。
(1) The signal given, the bus started. 信号一发出,汽 车就开动了。(the signal 是 given 的逻辑主语,因此主句主 语 the bus 就不是given 的逻辑主语。
(2) Her head held high, she went by. 她把头昂得高高地 从这儿走了过去。(her head 是 held high 的逻辑主语,因 此主句主语 she 就不再是held high 的逻辑主语。)

3. 过去分词作状语来源于状语从句。
(1) Caught in a heavy rain, he was all wet. 因为淋了一场大雨,所以他全身湿透了。 (caught in a heavy rain 为过去分词短语作原因 状语,它来源于原因状语从句 Because he was caught in a heavy rain.)
(2) Grown in rich soil, these seeds can grow fast. 如果种在肥沃的土壤里,这些种子能 长得很快。( grown in rich soil 为过去分词作条 件状语,它来源于条件状语从句 If these seeds are grown in rich soil.

【注意】状语从句改成过去分词作状语时有时还可保留连词, 构成“连词+过去分词”结构作状语。
When given a medical examination, you should keep calm. 当你做体格检查时要保持镇定。 4. 过去分词作状语的位置。过去分词可放在主句前作句首状语, 后面有逗号与主句隔开;也可放在主句后面,前面有逗号与主 句隔开。
He stood there silently, moved to tears.
= Moved to tears, he stood there silently. 他静静地站在那里,被感动得热泪盈眶。

1 D____ time ,he will make a first-class tennis
player .

A Having given B To give C Giving D Given
2 C___in 1636 ,Harvard is one of the most famous
universities in the United States .

A Being founded

B It was founded

C Founded

D Founding

3 Unless _A_to speak ,you should remain silent at

the conference .

A invited

B inviting

C being invited D having invited

4 A___,but he still couldn’t understand it .
A He had been told many times B Having been told many times C Told many times D Although he had been told many times
5 When firstB___to the market , these
products enjoyed great success . A introducing B introduced C introduce D being introduced

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