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Unit1 综合测试题

1.情态动词 can 的用法

1. —

you swim? —No, I


A. Can; can B. Can; don’t C. Do; can’t D. Can; can’t

2. I think he can _____ in their basketball team.

A. is B. be

C. are D. am

3. —Can your sister play the violin? —

. But she can sing.

A. Yes, she do B. No, she don’t C. Yes, she can D. No,she can’t

4.can he _____(talk) to Mr. Brown?


1.. —Can you swim or play chess? —


A. Yes, I am B. Yes, I can C. I can swim D. I don’t know

2.—Can you play the piano or the violin?


3、play 的词组

1. Bob can play

tennis but can’t play


A. the; the

B. /; /

C. the; /

D. /; the

4. want 用法

1. They want

(join) the music club.

2.Mary like English, and she wants

(join) the English club.

3. My sister

to join the music club.

A. don’t want B. don’t wants C. doesn’t want D. doesn’t wants

4. My father ______ buy a new watch _____ my birthday.

A. want to; for B. wants; for C. wants to; with D. wants to; for

5. Tom wants

to you. Are you free?

A. to tell B. tells C. to talk

D. talks

5. and 和 or。

1. Jeff’s sister can’t swim _______ dance.

A. and B. but C. and not D. or

2. He can swim, he doesn’t want to join the club.

A. and B. but C. / D. or

3.I can play the guitar ____ the drum.

4.I don’t like playing basketball ____ soccer.

6. say speak, talk, tell 的搭配运用

1. It’s an English class. Please don’t


A. say B. talk C. tell

D. speak

2. He is very interesting. He likes


A. talking B. saying C. telling D. speaking

3. Can you

it in Chinese?

A. say B. talk C. speak D. tell

4. Please come and ______goodbye to your grandparents.

A. tell B. speak C. say D. talk

7. be good at 和 be good with

1. Mr Li is a good teacher. He is good _____the boys and girls in his class.

2.You are very good at

(tell) stories.

3. My mother is a teacher and is good

the boys and girls. A. to

B.for C. with D. at

4. Are you good at


A. playing B. play C. plays D. to play

5. Little Tom can draw

. His drawings are very


A. good, well B. well, good C. good, good D. well, well

6. Miss Read is good

music. She can be good

children in

the music club.

A. at, at B. with, with C. at, with D. with, at

8.help 用法

1. Can you help me

my English?

A. with B. of C. learning D. about

2. I can help


3.My mother helps me _______(clean ) my room.


1. 你能帮助我学汉语吗? ____you help me ______ my Chinese?

2. 我也参加了音乐俱乐部。 I ___ the music club, ___ .

3.我会说英语, 也会踢足球。I can ___English and I can __ soccer.

4. 你能和父母相处融洽吗?Can you ____ ___ ___your parents?

5.我们需要一个老师教美术。We need a teacher __________art. 6. Do you have time this Sunday?(同义句)

_______ you ________ this Sunday?

7. She can sing and dance. (划线部分提问)

____ _____ she ________?


Hi,I ’m Mr White! I’m in the Sunshine Music Club. I’m a great

1 .I c an play the piano,the violin 2 the trumpet. And I’m very good

3 the kids. I 4 a daughter. She is only four years old. 5 name is

Maria. She can play the guitar,and she plays it very 6 .She 7 in

the Sunshine Music Club,too.

Do you like music? Do you want to learn 8 music? Please


come and join 9 .We can 10 you with music. My telephone 26.Tom and Mike want to________ .

number is 618-6588. My email address is White2012@163.com.

A.help with sports, music and computers B.be good with children

1.A.music B.musician C.painter D.basketball player

C.join Kids Summer Camp

D.get help from the Camp

2.A.but B.and



27.What does the summer camp need help with?

3.A.with B.of



A.Flying kites.

B.Sports, music and computers.

4.A.has B.have



C.Making cakes.

D.Drawing pictures.

5.A.Our B.His



28.Tom can play_________ .

6.A.good B.nice



A.volleyball B.computer games

C.music D.violin

7.A.has B.is

C.likes D. draws

29.Mike can play_________ .





A.the drums B.volleyball

C.basketball D.football

9.A.her B.you



30.What do Tom and Mike both like?

10.A.sing B.help

C.speak D.call

A.Football. B.Computers. C.Swimming. D.Sports.




There are many clubs in our school. My English is not good. I want 31.Do you like t______ stories?

to join the English club. Wang Ying wants to learn to paint. So he wants to 32.—What can you do for the school music f_______?

join the art club. Zhang Ping likes running. He wants to join the running —I can play the guitar.

club. Li Nan is good at singing and she wants to join the music club. What 33.He is very b_______ every day; he doesn’t have any time to stay with

club does Han Mei join? Oh,she likes eating and she joins the cooking

his children at all.


34.Can you s________ your family photos to me?

21.My _______ is not good.

35.I often play c________ with my grandfather on the weekend.






22.What club does Wang Ying want to join?

36.He can _______(play) ping-pong and tennis.

A.The music club.

B.The sports club.

37.Does his sister want________ (join) the music club?

C.The art club.

D.The swimming club.

38.Bill likes swimming very much; he wants to join the __ (swim) club.

23.Who wants to join the running club?

39.Jim often_______ (play) soccer with his friends after school.

A.Zhang Ping. B.I.

C.Wang Ying.

D.Li Nan.

40.What about________ (watch) TV at home?

24.L i Nan _______ very well.



B.paints C.sings

D.plays tennis

请用 can 介绍一下你的同学(100 词以上)。

25.Why does Han Mei want to join the cooking club?

My classmates

A.She likes cooking.

B.She likes eating.

C.She can cook.

D.She wants to be a cook.


Tom and Mike are good friends. They are kind to children. They want to

find summer jobs. On e day Tom tells Mike th at Kids Summer Camp

needs help with sports, music and computers. They are both very glad to

hear(听说) this.

Tom can play basketball and volleyball, and he can swim, too. Mike can

play the violin, the trumpet, the drums and the guitar. Tom and Mike like

computers very much. Can they join Kids Summer Camp?


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