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黑龙江省齐齐哈尔八中2018届高三第二次月考 英语

黑龙江省齐齐哈尔八中 2018 届高三第二次月考
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 第一节 阅读下面的短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C,D)中,选出最佳选项。
A Micro-Enterprise Credit for Street Youth Introduction Although small-scale business training and credit programs have become more common throughout the world, relatively little attention has been paid to the need to direct such opportunities to youth living on the street or in difficult circumstances. Over the past years, Street ids International (S..I.) has been woring with partner organiations in Africa, Latin Africa and India to support the economic lives of street children. The purpose of this paper is to share some of the lessons S..I. and our partner organiations have learned. Bacground Typically, children end up on the streets not due to a single cause, but a combination of factors the lac of adequately funded schools, the demand for income at home and so on. The street may be attractive to children as a place to find adventurous play and money. However, it is also a place where some children are eposed, with little or no protection, to eploitative employment, and urban crime. Street Business Partnerships S..I. has wored with partner organiations in Latin America, Africa and India to develop innovative opportunities for street children to earn income. ● The S..I Bicycle Courier Service first started in the Sudan. Participants in this enterprise were supplied with bicycles, which they used to deliver parcels and messages, but they were required to pay for it gradually from their wages. ● The Youth Sills Enterprise Initiative in ambia is a joint program with the Red Cross Society. Street Youths are supported to start their own small business through business training, life sills training and access to credit. Lessons Learned The following lessons have emerged from the programs that S..I. and partner organiations have created. ● It’s important for all loans to be lined to training programs that include the development of basic business and life sills. ● Small loans are provided initially for purchasing fied assets such as bicycles, shoe shining its. ● All S..I. programs have charged interest on the loans, primarily to get the business runners used to the

concept of paying interest on borrowing money. Generally the rates have been modest. Conclusion
There is a need to recognie the importance of access to credit for poor young people seeing to fulfill economic needs.

1. The organiation, S..I., aims to _________________.

A. give business training and loans to street children

B. provide schools and social support for street children

C. share the lessons S..I. learned to help street children

D. draw the attention of the government to street children

2. This passage implies that with the help of S. . I. street children may ______________.

A. reject paid employment

B. set up their own business

C. leave their families

D. employ other children

3. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. The lin of all loans to training programs is important.

B. Interest is charged for the loans in all S..I. programs.

C. The S..I Bicycle Courier Service provides the participants with free bicycles.

D. The Youth Sills Enterprise Initiative in ambia wors with another organiation.


My father’s family is not a musical family. They are a family of words. My brother has my father’s dar

hair, his love of a good argument. I tae after my mother. From her I inherited a curious nature, a sense of

adventure, bright red hair. I did not, contrary to her hopes, inherit a talent for the piano. That fact was

established beyond doubt after unsuccessful attempts to draw music from me.

The piano lessons began when I was four. My mother was convinced that I would be a child Moart.

She found the ideal teacher--Madame Oblena, a strict Russian woman, whose pursed lips were enough to

frighten a wild horse into submission. Madame Oblena, who epected a little Moart, was not very delighted

to find a little girl banging her fists on the eys. I tried to please her. “Feel the music,” she urged. I “felt” it and winced (退避) my ear--for what is

more unpleasant than a series of wrong notes played continuously? She “felt” my music, too, which is why

she always left with an angrier epression than when she came.

Once, when I was ten, I managed to record one of my own rehearsals (练习). In order to escape my

practice sessions, I would close myself behind the door of the piano room, put on the tape recording, and

read until the tape had finished. That method wored for a wee, until my mother began to wonder why I

always missed the same B-sharp. She noced on the door, and, receiving no answer, came in to chec on me

and found that I had fallen asleep while the tape of my performance played on and on.

I was twelve when my parents finally acnowledged that my hidden talent was not about to emerge any

time soon. My mother, refusing to admit defeat, told me to pic another instrument. “Choose anything you

want, Honey,” she said, assuming that freedom of choice would inspire devotion. I thought long and hard

and chose the drums. My parents, sensitive to noise, would be less than overjoyed by a daily bombardment

of playing. I imagined my father in his study, cotton wads in his ears.

I wored my way through several other instruments before my mother hit on another idea. Maybe I

wasn’t meant to be an instrumentalist. Realiing that drama might be more suited to my talents, Mom too me

to a drama teacher. However, he put me bacstage, painting scenery. Once I recovered from my sense of

injury, I realied the wisdom of his choice. I loved the active, practical bacstage world, and I discovered that

I had a nac for constructing and painting. I loved the challenge of taing our scanty (贫乏) supplies and using

them to mae something beautiful. Imagining a scene and then seeing it emerge before me--this, to me, was

close to magic.

I’m a sculptor now, and every day I eperience afresh the joy of being fully absorbed in the act of

artistic creation. It’s a wonderful, blissful (乐而忘忧) feeling. I realie that my parents, in their misguided

attempts to interest me in music, were trying to give me this feeling. And now I feel grateful. Perhaps they

went about it in the wrong way, but their hearts were in the right place.

4. The underlined word “emerge” in the fifth paragraph can be replaced by _____.

A. disappear

B. fail

C. turn

D. show

5. Which of the following best reveals the author’s attitude towards piano practice?

A. She tried to mae the piano teacher pleased.

B. She repeated the same mistae in practicing.

C. She played the recording instead of practicing.

D. She recorded her performance for improvement.

6. The author’s mother can be best described as __________.

A. devoted and stubborn

B. encouraging and independent

C. helpful and considerate

D. hardworing and generous

7. We can learn from the passage __________.

A. art should be treated as a joy rather than a burden

B. the ordinary bacstage wor can help one succeed

C. you can only get better at something if you practice

D. parents should encourage their children to create art C

Two of the saddest words in the English language are “if only”. I live my life with the goal of never

having to say those words, because they convey regret, lost opportunities, mistaes, and disappointment.

My father is famous in our family for saying, “Tae the etra minute to do it right.” I always try to live by

the “etra minute” rule. When my children were young and liely to cause accidents, I always thought about

what I could do to avoid an “if only” moment, whether it was something minor lie moving a cup full of hot

coffee away from the edge of a counter, or something that required a little more wor such as taping padding

(衬垫) onto the sharp corners of a glass coffee table.

I don’t only avoid those “if only” moments when it comes to safety. It’s equally important to avoid “if

only” in our personal relationships. We all now people who lost a loved one and regretted that they had

foregone an opportunity to say “I love you” or “I forgive you.” When my father announced he was going to

the eye doctor across from my office on Good Friday, I told him that it was a holiday for my company and I

wouldn’t be here. But then I thought about the fact that he’s 84 years old and I realied that I shouldn’t give

up an opportunity to see him. I called him and told him I had decided to go to wor on my day off after all.

I now there will still be occasions when I have to say “if only” about something, but my life is

definitely better because of my policy of doing everything possible to avoid that eventuality. And even

though it taes an etra minute to do something right, or it occasionally taes an hour or two in my busy

schedule to mae a personal connection, I now that I’m doing the right thing. I’m buying myself peace of

mind and that’s the best ind of insurance for my emotional well-being.

8. Which of the following is an eample of the “etra minute” rule?

A. Start the car the moment everyone is seated.

B. Leave the room for a minute with the iron woring.

C. Wait for an etra minute so that the stea tastes better.

D. Move an object out of the way before it trips someone.

9. The author decided to go to her office on Good Friday to ______.

A. eep her appointment with the eye doctor

B. meet her father who was already an old man

C. join in the holiday celebration of the company

D. finish her wor before the deadline approached

10. The underlined word “foregone” in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ___________.

A. abandoned

B. laced

C. avoided

D. wasted

11.W hat is the best title for the passage?

A. The Emotional Well-being

B. The Two Saddest Words

C. The Most Useful Rule

D. The Peace of Mind


As rules, laws are people’s rights and responsibilities toward society. Laws are agreed on by society and

made official by governments.

Some persons loo on laws with fear, hatred, or annoyance. Laws seem to limit people’s freedom to do

many things they would lie to do. Though laws may prevent us from doing things we wish to do at the

moment, laws mae everyone’s life safer and more pleasant. Without laws we could not hold on to our

property; we could not go to bed at night epecting to wae up in the morning and find that we had not been

robbed; no stores in which we buy food, clothes, and other necessities could stay open and sell to us. Our

bans would not be safe places to eep our money.

Social life would be impossible without laws to control the way people treat one another. It is not the

laws that should be feared but the trouble that comes to everyone when laws are broen. Once this is

understood, a citien will not fear or hate the law. Understanding the need for good laws and the evil results

of breaing laws is the first requirement of good citienship and government.

Philosophers once believed that in prehistoric time people lived without laws in a “state of nature”.

People were free to do as they pleased unless someone stronger stopped them by force. As a result, life

became so dangerous and unsafe that leaders had to create laws to protect life and property.

This is no longer believed to be true. Scholars now thin that as soon as people began living in small

groups, they wored out rules for getting along with one another. In time everyone accepted and supported

the rules. Manners, customs and beliefs controlled the living habits and behavior of the group. Such rules

and habits of life are called folways.

Folways are probably the real meaning of human laws, as well as of religion, morals, and education.

As life became more comple, folways became more complete guides to living. After thousands of years,

some of the important folways were put into writing as the earlier laws. And as life grew more and more

complicated with faster transportation and the rise of modern industry and big cities, more human acts and

interests had to be ruled by law. This led to a great increase in the number of laws.

But we now that unless laws are enforced, they cannot protect us. Poorly enforced laws invite crime

and violence. So we agree that the best protection against crime is planned social change and law reform --

to reduce the causes of crime and to encourage people to obey the laws. Such a solution would join a sound

system of law enforcement with forces woring to prevent crime. To attain this goal, all citiens must

understand the need for good laws and for their enforcement.

12. Some persons loo on laws with fear, hatred, or annoyance, because_____.

A. they can’t do whatever they want to

B. they feel it unnecessary to have laws

C. laws only protect those who wored out them

D. laws and rules are too complicated to understand

13. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE?

A. Without laws we may fail to hold on to our property

B. In prehistoric time people lived happily without laws in a “state of nature”.

C. Human laws, as well as of religion, morals, and education, are believed to originate

from Folways.

D. Good citiens and government should be aware of the need for good laws and the evil results of breaing


14. A sound system of law enforcement is necessary because_____.

A. some citiens fear or hate the law.

B. poorly enforced laws cause crime and violence.

C. we need someone stronger to stop crime by force.

D. the evil results of breaing laws are getting fewer and fewer .

15. What’s the best title of this passage?

A. The Origin of Laws

B. Enforcement of Laws

C. Leaders and Laws

D. Laws and rules.

第二节、七选五(共 5 小题)

根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项 Bored by the Chinese courses he was majoring in,uo Cheng,18,couldn’t imagine having to drag himself into class day after day,wee after wee,for four years. The Beijing Language and Culture University student decided that enough was enough.__16__ “It may seem lie I’ve wasted a year and have to start college all over again,but now that I’ve settled on a field I’ll be able to concentrate,” uo said. uo is not alone. At the China Three Gorges University in Yichang in Hubei Province 53 out of 59 students in the Physics Department too transfer eams last semester.__17__ “__18__ Many students piced colleges before majors,only to discover their mistaes a few wees after arrival on the campus,” said Jiang in,20,who was able to switch to electrical engineering and automation from physics. He said that physics graduates had few other options besides going into teaching.__19__ A new survey,of 2,500 students nationwide starting in September this year,suggests that as many as 35 percent of students are disappointed by their courses. However,Shao Yangfang,who wors at the admissions office of University of International Business and Economics in Beijing,advised students to consider both short-term and long-term goals. “After graduation do you want to find yourself in a job very specially related to your college major? Or,would you lie to possess the nowledge and sills that will enable you to wor in many areas?__20__ Above all,your choice of major should be based on your own interest,abilities and personality,” Shao said. A.These are the questions students need to consider. B.He added that a career in education just didn’t suit him. C.Many college students don’t care about their future career. D.Unfortunately only 22 of them got a place on another major.

E.When we were at high schools very few of us understood how a major relates to a career. F. When we were at high schools,we already new what are hot majors and what are unepected ones. G.After rounds of eams and interviews,he managed to transfer to the Department of International Accounting.

第三部分、英语知识运用 (共 2 节,满分 45 分) 第一节、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 51-70 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中选出最 佳选项。

I have a neighbor who plants a lot of potted flowers. Every morning he would sing a song as he waters

the flowers. One day I ased, “You’re always very pleased with yourself. Do you always have good 21

everyday?” He said with a smile, “Loo, how beautiful and 22 these flowers are, maing me live in the

23 . Can’t I be happy?”

On a Valentine’s Day, I bought a bouquet of roses from an old woman for my 24 . But because of our irreparable(不可修复的) disagreement, she 25 down the flowers in the presence of me. 26 , the old

woman caught up with us, gave bac the money to me and immediately piced up the 27 flowers from the

ground. She gently stroed(轻抚) the rose petals, 28 off every grain of dust from them and said

29 , “I

have made a vow to each bouquet of flowers, with my sincere blessing! Why did you throw it away? You’re

not qualified to be 30 of the bouquet of flowers.” On another __31____occasion, it was a sunny day, with the surging(汹涌的)crowds and a lot of 32 .

In middle of the street lay a handful of red roses. A boy was anious to pic them up, 33 he was unable to go

forward for the busy traffic. When it was his turn, he raced 34 , but the roses had been rolled to pieces.

The boy piced them up, bit by bit, the remains of the flowers, slowly 35 those injured petals, held them

in his hands for a long time and broe into tears in the street.

Until now, I’m 36 often moved for that scene.

One day, British writer Oscar Wilde waled into a flower shop and 37 to have some of the flowers taen

out of the shop window. The shop cler did as he told and ased how many he 38 buy. Wilde said, “I don’t

want to buy the flowers, but I thin they’re too 39 , afraid they would be crushed, so I want them to tae it


nowing their sorrows and joys and caring for their pains, they are the friends of flowers. They will

neither miss a butterfly flying in the sleeve nor 40 each beautiful scene of life. To be the friend of a

flower is to live in the spring of the soul.

21. A. spirit

B. news

C. performance

D. information

22. A. eciting

B. inspiring

C. pleasing

D. satisfying

23. A. spring

B. sunshine

C. painting

D. morning

24. A. tutor

B. sweetheart C. fellow

D. friend

25. A. threw

B. set

C. turned

D. broe

26. A. Unepectedly B. Curiously

C. Unfortunately

D. Hurriedly

27. A. wrinled

B. faded

C. abandoned

D. dried

28. A. cut

B. wiped

C. moved

D. too

29. A. eagerly

B. impatiently C. regretfully

D. pitifully

30. A. director

B. purchaser

C. master

D. maer

31. A. worried

B. speechless

C. hopeless

D. ehausted

32. A. noise

B. bicycles

C. traffic

D. pedestrians

33. A. and

B. as

C. so

D. but

34. A. off

B. ahead

C. away

D. by

35. A. cupped

B. lifted

C. pressed

D. removed

36. A. even

B. ever

C. just

D. still

37. A. ased

B. ordered

C. taled

D. begged

38. A. should

B. would

C. might

D. could

39. A. crowded

B. nervous

C. stressed

D. tight

40. A. leave

B. eep

C. change

D. waste

第 II 卷 非选择题卷(满分 60 分) 第三部分、第二节(共 10 题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

Robot teachers are now very popular with pupils in some primary schools in South orea. Compared

with human teachers, the robot teachers are 41._______ (patient) . They never get angry and are always ind

to the students. That's 42.______ the children can always get on well with their robot teachers. English-teaching robots 43._____ (send) to three primary schools for eight wees last December.
44. ______(equip) with a microphone and video camera, the robots teach students as teachers. Researchers found that the English-teaching robots helped raise students’ interests in the language and build up their 45. ________(confident). More and more students came to lie studying and they got better grades in eams. Meanwhile, other robot teachers, 46. ________can teach math, science and art, have also been developed.
Many people thin these robot teachers should be used 47._______faraway village schools so that the children there can also receive a good education. 48.________(give) rural school children more learning chances, the South orean government has epressed great interest in 49. ______(develop) these robots. No doubt there will be more and more robot teachers woring with students. Perhaps they will 50. ______(complete) replace human teachers one day in the future. Who nows?
第二节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处
错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 I was real sad when I found my bicycle went wrong again. Tired of repairing it again and again, I
decided buy a new one. After school, I went to a shop locating in the center of the city with a friend called Jac. The blac bicycle attracted my eyes as soon as we went into the store. It looed so cool that I could hardly wait to ride it. The shopeepers told us that it was the latest bicycle.
He wanted to charge me for 800 yuan, that was too high for me. I just couldn’t afford such an epensive one. Then I choose another one, which cost him only 200 yuan. It was not perfect, so it was much better than the old one.

第三节、书面表达 (满分 25 分,行文 20 分,书法 5 分) 假定你是李华,将于今年七月从新星外语学校毕业。你从报纸上得知 B&B 公司要招聘一名英文秘 书,你很感兴趣。请给该公司写一封求职信,包括下列要点 1. 年龄; 2. 学习情况及英语水平; 3. 兴趣和特长; 4. 性格特点。 注意 1. 词数120 左右;2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
Dear Sir/Madam, ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________

高三 第二次考试英语答案 阅读 1-3 ABC 4-7 DCAA 8-11 DBAB 12-15 ABBD 16-20 GDEBA 完型 21-40 BCABA ACBDC BCDBA DABAD 语篇 41more patient; 42why; 43 were sent; 44.Equipped; 45.confidence; 46.which; 47.in/at; 48.To give; 49.developing; 50pletely 改错:1. real 改为 really 2. buy 前加 to 3. locating 改为 located 4. The (blac…) 改为 A 5. shopeepers 改为 shopeeper 6. 去掉 for 7. that 改为 which 8.choose 改为 chose 9. him 改 为 me 10. so 改为 but Dear Sir/Madam,
I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English Secretary. really interested in this position and hope I can wor for you. 18 years old and will be graduating from ining Foreign Language School this July. an ecellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students. good at English, especially spoen English. I often use the computer and I type very fast. In my spare time, I read a lot. poems are my favorite. I enjoy music very much too. Being an active young person, I lie sports and outdoor activities. Besides, easy to get along with and I lie to mae friends.
looing forward to your reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

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