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外研版英语七年级下册 Module 12Unit 1 It’s so beautiful!教案1

外研版英语七年级下册 Module 12

It’s so beautiful! 教案


1. 语言知识目标:掌握下列单词: noisy, rock, sound, violin, through, both, voice, drum, lively, modern, pop (=popular), Western, hmm, by, opera, believe, musician, Centre (=center), century, European, composer, elder, waltz, poor, perfect, piece, classical, another, dance music, sad 2. 语言技能目标: 1)能听懂谈论音乐的简单对话,能判断描述的事实。 2)能用感叹句表达自己的感受。 3)能够读懂简单的描写音乐的短文,掌握短文通篇大意,并学习使用上下文猜测词义的学 习方法。 4)能用感叹句表达自己感受。 3. 情感目标:通过对西方音乐的了解,培养热爱生活、热爱音乐、积极乐观的精神。

以说为主要教学方式,以讨论为主要方法,通过同桌讨论和小组以及全班讨论,让每 个学生充分练习口语和说的能力,并将听说读写有机地贯穿一体。设立一些语言环境,结合 自己或他人的旅游经历以及旅游景点,最后一起学习重难点,为突破重难点做一些课堂和课 后的练习。

Step1:Warming-up and Lead in

Give some pictures about Western singer to students, such as Michael Jackson and the Music

Verein in Vienna. Let them watch and talk about them. Step2:Work in pairs. Listen and number the words as you hear them.

( ) lively

( ) modern

( ) music

( ) noisy

( ) pop

( ) rock

( ) sound

( ) violin

( ) Western

Step3:Work in pairs. Answer the questions about the conversation in Activity 1. And then

listen again and check.

1. Which modern music does Tony like?

2. What does Tony’s mum think about rock music?

3. Why doesn’t Tony like traditional Western music?

4. Which music does Tony’s dad think is too noisy? Step4:Listen and read the Activity 3. And then check (√) the true sentences.

( ) 1. They’re listening to Western music. ( ) 2. Tony knows little about Strauss. ( ) 3. Strauss was born in the capital of Australia. ( ) 4. The Blue Danube is pop music. ( ) 5. Lingling enjoys Beijing opera very much. Step5:To study Everyday English. ¤What a beautiful city! ¤ I’m a fan of rock music. ¤Give us a break! ¤ I don’t believe it! Step6:Check the types of music the students like (√) and don’t like (x). Step7:Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the box. Step8:Complete the sentences about yourself. 1. My favorite music is… 2. I like it because... 3. My parents like... Step9:Listen and read. 1. What a beautiful city! 2. It’s so beautiful! 3. I love his music! 4. Listen to this!
Step10:Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about the music you like or don’t like. — What music do you like? — I like pop. It’s lively and good to dance to, but I don’t like rock. It’s too noisy. What about you? Step11:Study the following new words. noisy, rock, sound, violin, through, both, voice, drum, lively, modern, pop (=popular), Western, hmm, by, opera, believe

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