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七下 Unit8 Is there a post office near here(2b-selfcheck)教案


Unit8 Is there a post office near here(2b-selfcheck)教案

本 学 期 第 课 时 本 单 元 第 4 课时 上 课 日 期:____


知识目标:words and expressions:

1. neighborhood2.spend time 3.climb 4.road 5.often

6.air 7.sunshine 8.free9.enjoy reading 10 .easily



Step 1: Revision

Revise the main contents learned in last period and have a dictation.

Step2: New words

Read the new words from “neighborhood” to“easily” , and then have a dictation.

Revise 2a: clothes store

post office


school supermarket bank

Step3: 2bReading

1. Let the students read the postcard quickly and then answer the questions:

1. How does Anna get to the zoo?

2. Where is the park?

3. Where is the post office?

4. Where is the library ?

2. Students read the passages again and fill in the chart in 2c.

1.What does Anna like doing in the zoo?

2.Does Anna thin k monkeys are like people? Why?

3.What does John like to do at the park?

4.John thinks the best th ings do not need money. Do you think so?

5.How does Lisa get to the library from her home?


3. Explain some keys and difficult points: 4.Read the passages loud ly and match each with a map.
Step4: 3a 1. Look at the map of Cindy’s neighborhood and fill in t he blanks 2. Check the answers. Step 5 Writing Let the students draw a map of your neighborhood
1. Where do you live? 2. What is your favorite place in your neighborhoo d? Why? 3. How do you get there from your hom e? Step7 Self-check 1. Complete the passage with the words in the box Spend/free/climb/enjoy 2. Write five se ntences about your school “there is/ are” Step8: Test 完成句子
1. How does Anna_________(get) to the zoo? 2. What is your favorite place in your n___________? 3. How do y ou get there f______ your home? 4. What does John like________ (d o )at the park? 5. You can get to the library __________?(easy) 教后记:

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