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能用中国话把演讲稿演绎得酣畅淋漓固然是本事,但用一口流利的 英语仍能让人们感受到最强烈的震撼,又是另一种本领。下面是为大 家整理了中学生关于生活英语演讲稿 3 篇,欢迎大家阅读。 中学生关于生活英语演讲稿篇 1
Good morning ,boys and girl,I`m jenny peng ,today my topic is :talk about a meaningful way we can use time.At first , let me ask you a question : what do you do in your spare time ,especially in your holiday ? Do you just stay at home ,watching TV,eating,and sleeping?maybe you`ll feel relax at the first time ,but if we always do like this,you`ll feel much boring. so ,the meaningful way I`m going to introduce to you is taking part-time-job in your vacation.
Yes ,you are right , the meaningful way of using time I`m going to introduce to you is taking part-time-job in your vacation.besides,the location we going to work is not in your hometown,in another words,it`s a completely strange situation . Maybe you feel amazy and crazy when hearing it , but I think you can learn a lot from it . First , you can learn how to be a good worker : familiar with the work schedule , obey the rules and make friends with others . besides , learn how to promote
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yourself . company is a relatively open socialty , it need you to show yourself in front of others , and it will help you to find a good job in the future.
After the part-time-job , we`ll more cherish our time , and find out that how happy and freedom to being a student . we`ll work hard on our study , finish our homework efficiently and struggle for our dream . As the saying going that :Yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery , but today is a gift . Let`s cherish and make full use of every minutes of our life , and believe that what we did will make sense .
Thank you. 中学生关于生活英语演讲稿篇 2
Life is never just being. It is a becoming, a relentless flow. Our parents live on through us, and we will live on through our children. The institutions we build endure, and we will endure through them. The beauty we fashion cannot be dimmed by death. Our flesh may perish, our hands will wither, but that which they create in beauty and goodness and truth lives on for all time to come.
Don’t spend and waste your lives accumulating objects that will only turn to dust and ashes. Pursue not so much the material as the ideal, for ideals alone invest life with meaning and are
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of enduring worth. Add love to a house and you have a home. Add righteousness
to a city and you have a community. Add truth to a pile of red bricks and you have a school. Add religion to the humblest of edifices and you have a sanctuary. Add justice, to the far-flung round of human endeavors and you have civilization. Put them all together, exalt them above their present imperfections, add to them the vision of humankind redeemed, forever free of need and strife and you have a future lighted with the radiant colors of hope. 中学生关于生活英语演讲稿篇 3
In our daily lives,we have many choices to make,such as what to eat for supper,what clothes to wear,or what to do on weekends. At certain times in our lives,we need to make even more critical choices,such as which school to attend,what job to take or who to choose as husband or wife.
Yes,life is a mater of choice. Seemingly,it means a choice of tangible things. But in essence,it means choosing a way of life. Life is to be lived,saved,and enjoyed,not to be wasted or complained about. Hardly can we forget the time when our society faced the grave threat from the life-and-death disease-SARS. Yet , even during those dreadful times , some
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afflicted people remained optimistic. Instead of wearing neutral white masks,some people turned to colorful ones and thus display a happy mood. And some creative people dubbed SARS to mean“Smile And Remain Smiling .” I was deeply touched by their optimistic,nearly forgetting that we are still in a battle,people who survive these kinds of circumstances,decide in their minds to carry on in spite of the overwhelming odds.
Laid-off workers typically regarded as the victims of economic advancement,are subject to desperation that being unemployed has brought on them. But encouragingly,we have witnessed some of them striving hard to rebuild confidence toward life and discover new opportunities for demonstrating their values.
Although we cannot choose our appearance,inborn gifts and even avoid unexpected disasters and adversities,we do have the privilege to choose to live optimistically,to love our lives, to have dreams,and to cherish hopes.
Every morning when we get up,we have a choice of how we want to approach life that day. As for me,I choose to be cheerful. 中学生关于生活英语演讲稿
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