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鲁教版六年级下册 Unit 9 It's raining Section B & Self Check跟踪回扣(含答案解析)

鲁教版六年级下册 Unit 9 It's raining


Section B & Self Check

Ⅰ.根据句意及所给汉语提示,写出句中所缺单词 1.Please get me some orange______(果汁),Linda. 2.There are lots of____(高山)in the picture. 3.Is your sister____(滑冰)? 4.Now it's____(冬季)in London. 5.Today it's____(阴雨的)in Beijing. Ⅱ.根据语境及所给首字母提示,补全所缺单词

1.People all like Mike because he works very h____.

2.On Sunday Mr. Green often comes to v____my grandpa.

3.He often w____to his mother. 4.China is a great c____.

5.It is r____to play computer games. Ⅲ,根据语境,从方框中选择恰当的单词填空,有的需要变换形式

sit, mountain, winter, skate, rain

1.The small village is between the two_______ .

2.-Do you like sports?

-Yes. And I like _______ best.

3.Look ! Your sister is_______ at the table and looking at us.

4.Do you like_______ days, Mike?

5.It's usually snowy in this place in _______. Ⅳ.单项选择

1.His family are all _______vacation now.

A.on B.at C.for D.in

2.-Could you tell Jack to ______ ?

-OK, no problem.

A.call I back B.call back me

C.call back I D.call me back

3.-Could you please clean your room? -_____!

A.Me, too B.What a pity C.See you D.No problem 4.My sister never fights with her classmates over small things, _ _____?

A.doesn't she B.is she C.does she D.isn't she

5.-How is it going with you?


A.That sounds good B.By bike C.Not bad V.根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词 1.又回到学校我很高兴。

D.Thank you

I'm____ _____go back to school. 2.他们中的一些来自上海。

_____ ____ them are from Shanghai. 3.怀特一家正在上海度假。

The Whites are____ _____in Shanghai.

4.他们在欧洲过得很愉快。 They're_____ ____in_____. 5.我正在给一个女孩儿照相。 I'm____ _____ _____ _____a girl. 能力提升全练 Ⅰ.补全对话
根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 其中有两项为多余选项。 A:It's a fine day today, isn't it? B: 1 A:Do you like the weather here? B:Yes. But it is sometimes too hot in summer. A:Yes, it can be very hot here in summer. 2 What's the weather like in your hometown(家乡)? B: 3 A:So, do you often go skiing(滑雪)? B: 4 Do you like skiing, too? A:Yes.I think it's fun. B:Do you want to go skiing this Sunday? A: 5 A.Yes, I do. B.No, I don't.

C.Yes, it is very sunny. D.But it's not very cold in winter. E.But it's too hot in summer. F.Yes, I'd love to. G.It's very cold in winter and it often snows. 1______2._____3._____4._____5.__________ Ⅱ,根据对话内容,从方框中选择恰当的单词填空,有的需要变换形 式,每词限用一次 come, bad, weather, back, cool A:Hey, Dad! Are you outside? B:Yes,I am. A:What's the 1 like outside? B:It's 2 . A:What are you doing? B:I'm playing soccer with your dog. A:That's not 3 . B:Sure!Well,it's time for you to call your grandma. A:Yes. I'm calling Grandma 4 .But Grandma also wants to speak to you. B:I see. I'm 5 right now.

1.____ 2.____ 3.____ 4_____ 5.____ Ⅲ.任务型阅读
It's December. It's snowing and the weather is really cold in the north of China. You can see many children playing with snow. Some of them are making snowmen. Some are skating on the river, because it's so cold that the water in the river freezes(结冰).
It's a white world. How beautiful! But in Australia now, the weather is hot. Many people go swimming in the sea.They are having a good time. Jim and his friends are playing soccer near the sea. The sunny weather is really cool to them. They want to swim after playing soccer. Why are they swimming in December? It is winter, isn't it? Yes,it is in China. But it isn't in Australia. That's because we, Chinese and Australians, have different seasons in a year. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。 1.What's the weather like in the north of China in December? __________________________________________________ 2.What are the Chinese children doing on the river? __________________________________________________ 3.Are Jim and his friends swimming in the sea now? __________________________________________________ 4.Can you see white snow in Australia during Christmas Day? __________________________________________________

5.If it's June now, which season is it in Australia?

__________________________________________________ Ⅳ.书面表达



的活动。60 词左右,内容可适当发挥。 三年模拟全练

1.I am sorry my dad isn't at home. You can____a message.

A.take B.leave C.bring


-It's not bad.

A.How's it going B.How are you

C.Who's that

D.What about skating

3.It's 8:00 pm right now.My parents and I____dinner happily at home.

A.has B.have C.is having D.are having 4.Look at the ____ .It's____hard now.

A.snowing; snowy B.snow; snowing C.snow; snowy 5.-How's the___(天气)?

-It's sunny. Let's go out for a walk. 6.-Where are your parents, Alice?

-They____TV at home.

A.watch B.watches C.are watching

7.-___it often ____in summer in your hometown?

-Yes, it's raining today.

A.Is; raining B.Does; rain C.Does; rainy

8.-It's____useful book.Can I read___now?

-Yes, you can.Write your name on the card, please.

A.a;it B.an; this C.an;it D.the; this

9.Look at the ____ please.It's___heavily now.

A.rain; rain B.rain; raining

C.raining; rain D.rain; rainy

10.-The weather is very good. Let's go to the park.

-____.Why not?

A.Have fun B.Not really C.Sounds fun D.Not at all

11.-It's a ___day today.Let's go____.

-That's a good idea. Let's go.

A.sun; ride

B.sunny; riding

C.cloudy; ride D.sun; riding


1.Jack is happy. Ms. Wang,an excellent teacher, teaches___math this


A.he B.him C.himself D.his

2.-My grandpa practices playing the guitar____in the university for the

elderly every day.

-Cool! It's never too old to learn. A.hard B.hardly C.great D.greatly 3.-I'm thirsty, Mom. I'd like something to drink.
-We only have some____in the fridge. A.oranges B.ice-cream C.juice D.cheese 4.The fish you bought yesterday smells____.You'd better throw it away. A.good B.bad C.well D.badly 5.-What will the weather be like tomorrow?
-It will be____. A.rain B.rainy C.raining D.to rain 6.-It is raining again. We haven't seen the sun for weeks.
-______weather it is! A.What good B.What bad C.How good D.How bad 7.-How is everything going?
-______. A.Everything is finished B.Nothing has been done C.Not so bad,you know D.Not doing wrong, you see 8.Sleeping is a good thing,but some people sleep____. A.easily B.badly C.quickly D.well 9.-Could you please____me your notebook,Grace?

-Certainly.Here you are. A.borrow B.to borrow C.lend D.to lend 10.-Dave,where is Mr. Black?
-I saw____in the classroom ten minutes ago. A.he B.him C.she D.her 11.-___weather it is! Shall we go for a picnic?
-I can't agree more. A.What a good B.What good C.How good the D.How good 12.Since Peter isn't here,may I leave a message for___? A.them B.him C.her D.me 核心素养全练 Ⅰ.根据提示词,在横线上填入适当的句子完成对话 1.A:____________________? ( how, Shanghai)
B:It's fine today. 2.A:____________________? ( what,Nanjing)
B:It's very cool today. Ⅱ.短文填空
I have a great time with my family this summer v 1 .We have great fun playing in different places.On Monday,the weather is s 2 and hot and we go to White Beach (白沙滩). Here is a picture taken that day.
Look! I am swimming in the water. And my parents are s 3 on

the beach. What are they doing? They are drinking j 4 . on Tuesday,

it's cloudy. We just v 5 two aquariums (水族馆) .And we see many

beautiful animals there. There is also an animal show that day. Look at

this picture! Some dolphins are playing volleyball in the water. On

Wednesday and Thursday, we want to go hiking ( 远足) in the m

6 .But the p 7 is that the weather is rainy and windy. So we just

buy some interesting things and eat some delicious food there. On Friday.

the w 8 is fine, so we go hiking. We get there at 7:00 a.m. and go b

9 at 5:00 p.m. The five-day trip is over soon. We are tired (疲劳的) but

happy. I want to go there for a trip a 10 .











Section B & Self Check 基础闯关全练 Ⅰ.1.juice 2.mountains 3.skating 4.winter 5.rainy Ⅱ.1.hard 2.visit 3.writes 4.country 5.relaxing Ⅲ.1.mountains 2.skating 3.sitting 4.rainy 5.winter

Ⅳ.1.A on vacation 度假,为固定短语。故选 A。 2.D call sb. back 给某人回电话.call 是动词,其后的人称代词用宾格, 故选 D。 3.D Could you please...?表示客气的请求,答应请求可用 Sure./Of course./No problem.等。故选 D。 4.C 反意疑问句遵循的原则为:前肯后否,前否后肯。由 never 可知 空格处的附加问句为肯定形式。由陈述部分可知附加问句要用 does。 故选 C。 5.C How is it going with you?用于询问某人近况,答语常为 Pretty good/Not bad.等。故选 C。 V.1.happy/glad to 2.Some of 3.on vacation 4.having fun;Europe 5.taking a photo of 能力提升全练 Ⅰ.1-5 CDGAF Ⅱ.1.weather 2.cool 3.bad 4.back 5.coming Ⅲ.1.It's snowing and very cold. 2.They're skating on the river. 3.No , they aren't. 4.No,we can't. 5.It's winter. Ⅳ.One possible version:
It's Sunday today and now it's eleven o'clock in the morning.It's

raining outside. My family are all at home. My grandfather is playing chess with my father. They play it every day. My mother is cooking lunch. She can cook very well. Where is my sister? Oh,she's in her room. She's playing with her pet cat. She likes it a lot. Well, what am I doing? I'm looking out of the window. 三年模拟全练 1.B 句意:很抱歉我爸爸不在家。你可以留言。leave a message 留言。 故选 B。 2.A 考查情景交际。根据答语 It's not bad.可知是问“情况怎么样?”, 用 How's it going?故选 A。 3.D 根据 right now 可知是用现在进行时,又因为主语是 My parents and I.所以助动词用 are。故选 D。 4.B 句意:看雪。现在雪下得很大。第一空填名词,第二空填现在 分词与 is 构成现在进行时。故选 B。 5.weather 句意:——天气怎么样?——天气晴朗,咱们出去散步吧。 6.C 句意:——艾丽斯,你父母在哪里?——他们正在家看电视。 由语境可知应用现在进行时。故选 C。 7.B 根据 often 可知问句用一般现在时;does 后跟动词原形。故选 B。 8.A 此处表泛指,形容词 useful 以辅音音素开头,因此用不定冠词 a 修饰;代替上文提过的“一本有用的书”用 it。故选 A。 9.B 句意:请看这雨。现在雨下得很大。第一空填名词;第二空填现 在分词与 is 构成现在进行时。故选 B。

10.C 根据答语中的“为什么不呢?”可知这个建议听起来很有趣。故 选 C。 11.B 根据第一个空格后的 day 可知此处填形容词;go+v.-ing 表示“去 做某事”。故选 B。 五年中考全练 1.B 考查代词的用法辨析。句意:杰克很开心。王女士——一位非常 优秀的老师这学期教他数学。作动词 teaches 的宾语应该用人称代词 的宾格形式。故选 B。 2.A 考查形容词和副词辨析。hard 努力地;hardly 几乎不;great 伟 大的;greatly 非常。本题中,需要副词修饰动词,结合语境可知 A 项正确。 3.C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:——我渴了,妈妈,我想喝点东西。 ——在冰箱里我们只有一些果汁。根据上句推断空格处为一种饮料。 orange 橙子;ice-cream 冰激凌;juice 果汁;cheese 奶酪。故选 C。 4.B 考查形容词、副词辨析。句意:你昨天买的鱼闻起来坏了。你最 好把它扔掉。根据下文判断此处用形容词 bad“变质的”作表语。故选 B。 5.B 考查形容词的用法。句意:——明天的天气怎么样?——将是阴 雨天气。rain 下雨,动词原形;rainy 多雨的,形容词;raining 下雨, 动名词;to rain 下雨,动词不定式。根据句意可知选 B。 6.B 考查感叹句。句意:——又在下雨。我们已经几个星期没见到太 阳了。——多么糟糕的天气啊!此处句中中心词是名词 weather.故

用 what 引导感叹句;由前一句句意可知用形 容词 bad。故选 B。 7.C 考查交际用语辨析。问句句意为“一切顺利吗?”,用来询问对方 近来的状况如何。A.一切都结束了;B.什么也没有做;C.你知道 的,还不错;D.没做错,你明白的。由句意可知选 C。 8.B 考查副词辨析。句意:睡觉是件好事,但是有些人睡眠不好。easily 容易地;badly 不好地;quickly 快地;well 好。but 表示前后是转折 关系,故选 B。 9.C 句意:——格雷斯,你能借给我你的笔记本吗?——当然可以。 给你。borrow 表示“借入”;lend 表示“借出”。由语境可知是“借出”笔 记本;同时 Could you please 后面跟动词原形。故选 C。 10.B 考查人称代词。句意:——戴夫,布莱克先生在哪里?——十 分钟之前我在教室里看见他了。作动词 saw 的宾语应该用人称代词的 宾语形式;又因 Mr. Black 是男性,故选 B。 11.B 考查感叹句的用法。句意:——多么好的天气啊!我们去野餐好 吗?——我完全同意。感叹句的结构有“How+adj./adv.+主语+谓语!” 和“What+( a/an+) adj.+名词+主语+谓语!”两种形式。分析本句可知 用感叹词 what 引导;同时 weather 为不可数名词,所以不用加冠词。 故选 B。 12.B 句意:既然彼得不在这里,那么我可以给他留言吗?根据句意 判断此处用人称代词的宾格,而且 Peter 是男名,应用 him。故选 B。 核心素养全练

Ⅰ.1.How's the weather in Shanghai today 2.What's the weather like in Nanjing today Ⅱ.1.vacation 2.sunny 3.sitting 4.juice 5.visit 6.mountains
7.problem 8.weather 9.back 10.again

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