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2010北师大版英语必修三 Unit 9 lesson 3 Clean Machines 教案

lesson3 Clean Machines
Teaching aims: To compare and practise using the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous tense. To learn some words and expressions Teaching aids: CAI Teaching procedures: Step1. warm up Elicit information about vehicles from students, asking them how many kinds of car they can name, what
kinds of power vehicles can use, what are the advantages or disadvantages of these energies. Get students to look at the title “clean machines” “ solar car racing” and guess what the text is about. Step2. pre-reading Read the instruction and key words with the class. Encourage students to use their background knowledge
and imagination, talking about solar cars in class. Student predict what the interview is about by skimming the titles, pictures, the sentences in the pictures. Step3 read to learn Read the statement through with the class and ask students to guess if they are true or flase. Students then read the interview to check their guesses. Check students’ answer by having them read out the section of the text that gives the answer and correct the
false statements. Step4 speaking In pairs, students role play the interview. Encourage them to practise it as a real interview. Have some pairs to present their interviews in class. Step5 language study--Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Task1. exercise 5 Students look back at the interview and complete the sentences. Check students’ answers before they match the sentences with the pictures. When checking answers, ask students if the action described by the verb is still going on and incomplete or if

it is finished and complete Task2. exercise7 Students work in pairs, reading the situation and discussing which is the more appropriate sentence. Check students’ answer by having the pairs read out the situation and sentence.

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