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外研版英语七年级下册 Module 11Unit 1 They touch noses!习题2

外研版英语七年级下册 Module 11

Unit 1 They touch noses! 习题


1) Close the door. __________________ 2) Sit down, please_______________ 3) Come to my office. ___________________ 4) Hurry up. ____________________ 5) Put up your hands.____________________ 6) Don't be late.___________________ 7) Don't be worry. ______________________ 8)Open your books.______________
Wait! _____________________________ 10) Stop! _________________

1. Some ______ visit the Great Wall every year.

A. visiter

B. visitor C. visitors

2. Chinese often _____ when they meet.

A. shake hands

B. shakes hands C. touch noses

3. They help ______ when they are in trouble.

A. each B. each other C. the other

4. They all live _____ in a three-bedroom house.

A. together

B. with

C. each

5. Would you like to talk with _______?

A. German

B. Germans

C. Germen


1) In Japan people usually b_______ when they meet each other.. 2) In Russia people k______ three times. 3) S_______ is also a kind of language.

4) Every year there are lots of v_______ in Dalian. 5) If you agree, please _____ your head. 6) Don’t t______ the knife, it's dangerous. 7) Bi Fujian's eyes are small and his n_____ is big.

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