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Unit 6 I’m watching TV Section A 2a-2d(优质)PPT课件_图文

Unit 6
I’m watching TV.
Section A 2a-2d

? Objectives
To learn to use present progressive tense.
To learn to use What questions.
To learn to talk about what people are doing.

? Warming up
-What is he doing? -He is reading a newspaper.
read a newspaper

-What is she doing? -She is making soup.
make soup

What are they doing? They are watching TV.

watch TV

What is she doing? She is talking on the phone.
talk on the phone

What is she doing? She is listening to a CD.
listen to a CD

What is he doing? He is using the computer.
use the computer

What is she doing? She is washing the dishes.
wash the dishes


What are they doing? They are exercising.

What are they doing? They are cleaning.

2a Listen and answer these questions.
1. What is Steve doing? He is watching TV.
2. What is Jack doing? He is listening to a CD.

2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks.

Jack: Hello, Steve.
Steve: Hi, Jack. Jack: What_a__r_e__ you_d_o_i_n_g_, Steve?
Steve: I’m _w_a_t_c_h_i_n_g__T_V_. What about you? Jack: I’ml_is_t_e_n_i_n_g__t_o__a__C_D_ , but it’s kind
of _b_o_r_in_g____. Steve: Yeah, my TV show is also not very
in_t_e_r_e__st_i_n_g_. Do you want to _g_o__t_o_ the movies?
Jack: That sounds good.

2c Role-play the conversation in 2b.

2d Role-play the conversation .
Jenny: Hello? This is Jenny. Laura: Hi, Jenny. It’s Laura here. Jenny: Oh, hi, Laura. What are you
doing? Laura: Not much. I’m just washing
my clothes. What about you?

Jenny: I’m watching TV. Do you want to join me for dinner? My parents aren’t at home. We can eat out.
Laura: Yeah. I’d love to. Jenny: Let’s meet at my home first.
Come at half past six. Laura: OK. See you then.

Read the conversation in 2d and match.


eat out

want to

go to a movie

Role-play the conversation in 2d.

Let’s guess what they are doing.
Is Nancy doing homework? No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.

Is Tom doing homework?
No, he isn’t. He’s drawing.

1. This is Jenny. 我是詹妮。 这是打电话用语。当打电话时,介绍自己 时用“This is…”或“It’s…”;问对方 用“Is that…?”或“Who’s that?”例如:
Hello? This is Bob. Who’s that? 喂?我是鲍勃,你是谁?
Hi, Bob. It’s Mike here. 你好,鲍勃。我是迈克。

2. Not much. (口语)没什么大事。 也可说成,nothing much 例如: A: What are you doing, Linda? 你在做什么事,琳达?
B: Not (Nothing) much. I’m just reading a book. 没什么大事。我在读一本书。

3. Do you want to join me for dinner? 你想和我一起吃饭吗?
join sb for sth 与某人一起干某事/加入到某 人的行列一起干某事。如: Would you come and join us for party? 你愿意和我们一起聚会吗?

4. I'd love to. 我很乐意。 1) 交际用语,用于礼貌地接受他人邀 请,还可以说成I’d like to, 但语气比 较弱。 2) 当委婉拒绝他人邀请时,多用I’d love to, but...或Sorry, I’m afraid I can't because...等。

Ⅰ. 根据所给汉语补全下列英语句子。
1. 他们正在电话中交谈。
They are talking __o_n_ t_h__e_ p__h_o_n_e__.
2. 咱们七点钟见吧!
L_e_t_’_s_m__e_e_t_ at 7 o’clock.
3. 这个电视节目有点无聊。
The TV show is _k_i_n_d_ __o_f_ boring.
4. 你想和我们一起吃晚饭吗?
Do you want to _jo__in_ us f__o_r_ dinner?
5. 明天晚上见!
_S_e_e_ _y_o_u__ tomorrow evening!

1. It’s 7:20. Jane and her father a_r_e__w__a_lk_i_n_g
(walk) in the park. 2. Look! The girl _i_s_p_l_a_y_i_n_g__(play) the piano. 3. _I__s_ Ben w__r_it_i_n_g_(write) a letter now? 4. The man _is___b_u_y_i_n_g__(buy) some vegetables
in the store. 5. My parents _a_r_e__h_a_v_i_n_g_(have) breakfast now.

Ⅲ.用look, watch, see, read的适当形式填空。
1. Please _r_e_a_d__ the book. It’s interesting. 2. — Is he _w_a_t_c_h_i_n_g__ TV now?
— Yes, he is. 3. Let me _s_e_e__. Oh, it’s a beautiful picture. 4. _L_o_o_k__ at the blackboard (黑板). What
can you _s_e_e__? 5. Don’t __re__a_d__ the newspaper when you walk.

Ⅳ. 翻译句子。
1. - 她正在干什么? - 她正在看电视。 - What is she doing? - She’s watching TV.
2. – Nancy 正在做她的作业吗? - 不,她没有。她正在写信。 - Is Nancy doing her homework? - No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.

3. 他们正在和谁谈话? Who are they talking to?
4. 那听起来是个好主意. That sounds a good idea.
5. 我正在给我的朋友写信。 I’m writing a letter to my friend.

? 中考链接


—Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith?

—Oh, sorry! He _C____ a meeting now.

A. has

B. had

C. is having

D. will have

1. Write the new words and expressions in Section A.
2. Call your best friend to know what he/she is doing.Make a conversation.

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